Shelter Takes Dogs Out For “Puppuccinos” to Help Them Find New Homes


The Kitsap Humane Society each week takes one of the shelter’s dogs to the local Starbucks for a delicious Puppuccino (It’s just a small cup filled with whipped cream) to show dogs’ awesome personalities and encourage people to adopt.


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  1. vidalia poopnoodle August 23, 2016

    if i didn’t already have 3 big ones–2 boxers and a pit–i would certainly adopt more.

  2. Some cute dogs among them for sure!

  3. if there’s a thing that’s called a close-up, that is too close – then this is it.

  4. This happens to be our local shelter. We have adopted 4 dogs & 3 cats from there over the years. It is the best run, cleanest and overall best shelter I’ve seen. The employees and volunteers do a great job with their charges!

  5. Zee Dr.furheer August 27, 2016

    Some of this dogs were high as ****.

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