Proud Hairy Women


Best pictures from the Hairy Legs Club, a women’s movement dedicated to the celebration of natural beauty.


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  1. It’s the only way.

  2. Seems weird because you never see it but I get the feeling if all women suddenly stopped shaving their legs it would be something people got over really quickly. Except those people with small minds that just can’t get over change because it’s different to the way things are “supposed” to be.

    • Drunk Cop July 22, 2014

      Yeah, but if you’re too open minded, your brain may fall out.

    • Anonymous July 22, 2014

      Women never shaved their legs to begin with back in the day. It wasn’t until the razor companies decided to make more money by marketing to both men and women.
      Regardless, I find that my man doesn’t give a shit if I shave my legs or not

    • @Anonymous July 22, 2014

      Your man is having fun with another women then, or secretly enjoys it that your legs feel like that of a man

    • @ @Anonymous July 22, 2014

      Or else maybe he likes her for more than just her legs…

    • @ @ @Anonymous July 23, 2014


    • You are funny… But we all know they are just ugly feminist.

  3. Billy Bong Thornton July 22, 2014

    Is rinsing your eyes with bleach really that bad because I think I’m about to do it.

  4. Anonymous July 22, 2014

    pf, razors, you must be from ‘Murrica, right? Waxing dates waaay back in time. Have you heard of Persian waxing? You might want to take a peek at that topic and broaden you horizons. Also, some people never used to brush their teeth. Totally unnatrural. This be ‘cuz the tooth paste and brush companies, ama tellin ‘ya!

    • But your legs won’t foul off when you don’t shave or wax. Otherwise most men would lose them at quite young age.

    • Anonymous July 23, 2014

      Get over yourself. Hair removal technique or the choice not to is just that: a personal choice. You, dear, are absolutely superior to no one. Deal with it.

    • Anonymous July 23, 2014

      Excellent point. Let’s all just stop brushing our teeth!

    • I’m in doubt all of us here brush their teeth…

    • And from that moment… Feminist everywhere stoped brushing their teeths. Damn you patriarchy!

  5. nonono. since the ancient egypt and other ancient civilizations, men and women shaved their hairs. it was social status.

    • Like the romans who scratched the dirt and the body hair off their skin with blades instead of using soap like the “barbarians”. Yuck.

    • Barbarians got hair off their skin using soap?

  6. Sorry,… gross!

    • Shut up, woman thing.

    • Katie, very, very gross! body hair on a woman may be natural, but it’s sure nastyyyy.

  7. I’ve tolerated never-ending series of cat pictures and photoshoped eyebrowless cebrities, but this is getting out of control. I can’t take it no more.

  8. I finally realized what gingers sold their soul for… body hair you can barley see.

  9. Legs, pfft. We got wimenz where I work with hairy chests. One of em can grow a beard better than most men. The spinster librarian at my high school had a moustache you wouldn’t believe. Don’t forget guys, beauty is only a light switch away!

  10. Saint John the Divine July 22, 2014

    True beauty instead of those shaved pre-teen wannabes.

  11. It’s the latest look for hipster girls

  12. ZZ Bottom July 23, 2014

    Nasty, vile pigs.

  13. A Married Man July 23, 2014

    My wife enjoys feeling the hair on my legs, chest, and back. It makes her feel more female. She also enjoys feeling smooth and hairless on all but her eyebrows and head. She says that women are not harry animals (who, by the way, do not shave) so she chooses to be a HUMAN female. If a woman wants to be brutish and animal-like let it grow, but cover it with clothes.

    • Another Married Man July 23, 2014

      That’s, let’s say, BULLSHIT. Shaving won’t make your wife more human. Except she is able to shave her DNA… Calling others animals ’cause they have leg or pit hair is quite inhumane. Your wife seems very ugly on the inside. I pitty her husband.
      By the way my wife shaves too but we would never get the idea to call someone an animal ’cause he or she has NATURAL body hair.

    • .. but we are fine-furred chimps.. You can’t deny the facts, buddy.

    • A Married Woman July 29, 2014

      Wow, its nice that you and your wife have that opinion about body hair. However, I and the rest of the world couldn’t give a crap about what she think’s a female should feel/look like. A HUMAN female is hairy all humans are, there is nothing wrong with that, your opinion is based off of social culture, which is fine because what tickles your jollies is no one’s business but you and your Mrs.There is nothing brutish about not shaving, its actually much more natural. Just know you are an ignorant bigot, but that’s okay because that’s your choice.

  14. Reality is hairy.

  15. Holy shit... July 23, 2014

    Cannot unsee.. want so badly to unsee.

  16. I am a dude and I trim my legs and pubic hair and shave my armpits.
    Because I look by far more aestetic by doing so.
    Let me tell you.. let me see most women stop drooling over glistering beach bodies, and I will get fat and hairy in a heartbeat.

    • So body hair makes you fat? Only fat people have body hair? Fat people are ugly? Fat hairy people are more ugly?
      Shaved men look like naked apes.

    • … can we stop being retarded and make some sense?

  17. Women can choose to live any way they please. Heck, no need to shower either. But let’s not see your filthy self on Oprah complaining about the lack of available men out there and how hard your life is. (Written after the gag.)

  18. Razorblade July 23, 2014

    Sumo wrestlers shave their legs because they don’t want to be mistaken for feminists.

  19. Nostrildamus July 23, 2014

    I braid my nose hair.

  20. i guess/ hope these are some extreme examples.

  21. It’s nasty and I am girl.. I love my smooth legs! I feel so dirty if I got a day with out shaving. It’s only 2 extra min in the shower!

  22. Frank Einstein July 25, 2014

    I threw up in my mouth a little after looking at these beasts.

    • People should express themselves anyway they like even if it is a little unorthadox

  23. Definitely the way to go! The belief that “non hairy legs = feminine” is superficial. True femininity or masculinity is an inner quality but few have the eyes or maturity to see that.

  24. miss, you need to be given a shaving kit for your birthday… forget birthday. STAT.

  25. OK, so I’m wondering when evolution is going to kick in and produce hairless women? At least in the Americas, where shaving has been the norm for oh so many years. I mean, you can’t will these things to happen right? So when is the body going to get the message and stop producing hair? especially since we’re always wearing clothes.

    • This is like asking when evolution is going to produce humans with neon-colored hair since people have been dying theirs for so long. Changes made to the physical body don’t change the genes.

    • … so we’re already losing our body hair and people ask when we’re losing our body hair. Oh boy, time for your paint chip diet.

  26. Convincing crossdressers.

  27. These are some of the best photoshop I have every seen! I know that all girls are smooth and look like a Barbie that sat on bubblegum.

  28. At least these girls are not afraid to be themselves

  29. Most things on this website are FUNNY … But this wow this is err gross

  30. Amazing how this grosses me out

  31. That’s good for them, but that’s disgusting.

  32. Great birth control!

  33. Shaving wouldn’t help any of these fuglies anyway so I don’t blame them for not wasting their time.

  34. …I honestly don’t see what the commotion is about here. It’s just hair.

  35. Someone with a life August 18, 2014

    That’s seriously disgusting. What guy wants a women who’s got hairier legs and armpits than he does. That’s disturbing….sorry people but it is….

  36. you guys are pathetic, you got no other subject to discuss but body hair. man every one having the body hair more or less.

  37. Which country are they in???

  38. Love it. Stay beautiful and natural

  39. Slavko Drobnić October 3, 2014

    It`s sad, that many of us don`t want to say in public we love the hairy unshaven women. But, i know many men that love to see hairy legs and arms on girls, but are afraid to talk about it, because the society tells it`s ugly. It`s not. It` beautiful beeing naturally hairy. I would be very proud to walk through the city with a woman with hairy legs and arms… How long would it take to accept girls and women with hairy body as normal? I support those who have the courage to go out unshaven! Go for it! :)

  40. Its all about the courage… go for it and dont let anyone stop you. Wear your full length clothing when you go outside and dress how you like at home.

  41. candyfiend91 November 3, 2014

    Love it! I’m a very hairy individual myself. I recently stopped shaving a few months ago and it’s great to see other women embracing their natural bodies :)

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