Leave Sharks Alone!



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  1. Captain Obvious August 11, 2014

    There is definitely something wrong with her eyes.

    • Do you hear voices in your head, while looking into this cow’s eyes. Are these voices ordering you to do something?

    • Captain Obvious August 12, 2014

      No.. seriously, I see triangles in its eyes. Unfortunately not hearing any voices :(

    • Lifeless eyes… like a doll’s eyes…

  2. Deer kill more people in the US than any other animal. They will jump through the windshield of a moving auto just to attack the occupants.

  3. I think a cow once cracked my rib. I heard a vet once got a horn through her shoulder at my grandparent’s farm too.

  4. flying nazist August 13, 2014

    Which one represent the israel and which one for palestine?

  5. I dont like it to

  6. Fear the cow if you must, but have you ever tried to milk a shark?

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