Woman Creates Hilarious Celebrity Instagram Photo Parodies


These fabulous photo parodies is an ongoing project by Celeste B. who obviously has too much time on her hands.


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  1. Somehow the parodies aren’t as disgusting as the originals. Fascinating.

  2. These are neat

  3. The old man on the mountain Alamut November 21, 2016

    Which one of the people on these photos has too much time on their hands is a question worth discussing.

  4. How many times do these have to be on here before they are just STUPID and old???
    Seems like they are already there!

    • MayYouAlwaysBeInTheCatchAndNeverInTheTry November 22, 2016

      They started recycling these things a long time ago. Then they stopped curating the comments. Now I think the land lord drinks beer and eats Cheetos and lets the ad revenues poor in for $400 tops and goofy t shirts. If I’m wrong you won’t see this comment.

  5. Bruce Jender November 22, 2016

    I thought Kanye Kardashian was in the looney bin.

  6. The Lone Wonderer November 22, 2016

    I wonder, in that last set of pictures, how many money is in that pile of (what appears to be) singles…

  7. Fantastic!

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