Jean-Claude Van Damme quotes
So it was said. So it shall be.
Jean-Claude Van Damme quotes
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Van Dammit (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
He's finally lost it
I don't know (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
He is not my favorite actor, but there is a lack of references. When did he say that? At the time of the picture? I just don't believe that. Maybe because are so stupids quotes. I demand references.
Double facepalm (30 Dec, 2012)
By the guy who invented double facepalms.
good guy (31 Dec, 2012)
some you can find here: (visit link)
Now I Know (1 Jan, 2013)
Thank you good guy.
Benor Thway (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
Jean-Claude Van. Damme quotes.
LogiC (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
Speaking with sound waves? That's crazy talk. Until then I guess we are stuck with vocal reverberations :(
Forklift (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
I must be far advanced because I'm already speaking in sound waves. I hear in sound waves too.
Darwin (30 Dec, 2012)
I can't hear you. You sure?
Bull Dozer (30 Dec, 2012)
And I see their colour...
Enter 868 here: (31 Dec, 2012)
But if you remove all the air from the room sound waves won't travel. He's such a deep thinker.
Pat (5 Apr, 2013)
Yeah, and all the words will fall on the floor. Like the planes.
Big Fan (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
If Chuck Norris was Jean-Claude Van Damme, acting in a Stallone movie, without air, and with 9 dogs and a cat...I forgot where I was going with this.. I'll get back to you later. Sorry.
jude (31 Dec, 2012) Reply
Originally comes from here mind.. just like what he said "his mind like air you can not see but you can feel it. so, that's great... keep on quoting with originality.
asasd (31 Dec, 2012) Reply
hehe dog walking orgasm :D
though I think he said that because back then Arnold Schwarzenegger as well said that pumping iron is better than sex :D It was a thing back then.
billionair hung with wings (31 Dec, 2012) Reply
he's nuts
hans (1 Jan, 2013) Reply
And he still can effortlessly kick all your asses. Just like this guy (the film to the youtube clip - LOL)
(visit link)
Of course the PC(bad whitey) version.
MO (3 Jan, 2013) Reply
Go talk to Chuck, he will straighten you out. You really need the help. He might even kick your butt. lol
Sad face (8 Jan, 2013) Reply
I scrolled all the way down here, yet I still cannot proceed to the next picture...
Sad face is sad...
Yvan (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
he's ono of the great actors here in Belgium
joe l'indien (10 Feb, 2013) Reply
at least there's someone to kick steven seagul's ass
Itchy (27 Mar, 2013) Reply
That cyst on his forehead must be quite annoying to him. Looks like hes had it since he was a young man.
Cindy Bailey (27 Mar, 2013) Reply
Having to seriously reconsider the old crush. Like a lot of things, it seemed right at the time...Now in light of these quotes, it just seems so so wrong...
JCVD (17 Sep, 2013) Reply
For one thing, English isn't his native language, so much of these are lost in translation. For another thing, at least he seems to have fun thinking and using his brain, unlike most people.
Lunatic fringe (2 Jan, 2014) Reply
Is this where Jaden Smith gets his material?
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