Modern warfare
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Wal-mart Shopper (27 Dec, 2012) Reply
Where can I find these $10 tents?
LardLord (27 Dec, 2012)
Life is cheaper in Afghanistan.
FYeah (27 Dec, 2012) Reply
Forgot last panel (27 Dec, 2012) Reply
Where it says: To avoid billions in losses caused by terrorism, and ensure billions in oil profit. Oh and the bombs are many times dropped by way cheaper unmanned drones. Small details, they call it... makes sense that the author forgot...
Brainwash Expert (27 Dec, 2012)
You are my best work so far. I'm proud of you.
morpanel (27 Dec, 2012)
I thought drones were used to inflict collateral damage on civilians. And terrorism costing billions is a myth - governments use cheap local resources to keep wheel of terrorism turning. ..oh.. You mean the "damage".. I thought operational costs...
Truth hurts (27 Dec, 2012)
How much is it costing/will it cost to build the new WTC building complex? How much did the original WTC cost, and how much would that be in today's dollars? Hasn't the "war on terror" already yielded billions in oil profit? Ohhh poor "brainwash expert", he probably tried to feed us some useless "art major" crap, well, you can go grab your speakerphone, stand on your favorite corner, and keep yapping about the wonders of "occupying", and "fighting the bad, bad system", that allows you, amidst other things, to have a computer and freedom of speech to keep trying to brainwash people with all that useless, already proven failed, left handed trash.
rick'james (27 Dec, 2012)
*trillions, btw. USA GO! Blow all the money on destroying 10$ tents! I sometimes wonder, how, with all this hi-tech and trillion dollar budgets they still can't manage to catch every last talib, who is basically armed with Ak-47 and a 4x4 camel. It's hilarious...
Trollolol (28 Dec, 2012)
@Truth hurts: WTC cost about 1 month worth of war which has now been fought for 11 years. In the meantime ordinary Americans handed over their civil liberties to the state. In 1990s air travel was as easy and convenient as taking a bus - now you have "prohibited items" like bottled water and nail clippers, full body scanners, TSA feeling your crotch at will. You have indefinite detention of terrorism _suspects_, which is in violation of human rights to due trial. "Innocent until proven guilty" rule is now laughable.
By changing the law you LET the terrorists win. You handed over the victory to every talib or anyone who hates USA or western freedom in general. It's because of your own actions that people now hate America. 12 years ago I saw USA as a land of freedom and opportunity - now I see USA as a land of surveillance and a police state - and I'm not alone in my opinion. You have your own government to blame.
@truth hurts (29 Dec, 2012)
Aye aye, skipper. Dang right!
Made up numbers (30 Dec, 2012)
$7.95, plus tax and deposit. Shipping extra. Batteries not included.
winterhog (3 Jan, 2013)
The military does not and never did fight terrorism. This is the job of police and counterintelligence.
Terrorism (27 Dec, 2012) Reply
The USA manufactured me to ensure a perpetual state of war (and profits). Duh.
F.B.I. (28 Dec, 2012)
Sir, could you come with us, please.
You dropped your tin foil hat (30 Dec, 2012)
Muslims don't exist?
350 dollars (27 Dec, 2012) Reply
is more than reasonable for a bomb.
Ensign Pulver(izer) (27 Dec, 2012) Reply
Rock the Casbah, Rock the Casbah
Jackie (29 Dec, 2012)
Sharif don't like it!
Me (27 Dec, 2012) Reply
Someone is confusing the tent with the terrorist occupants inside it. Fortunately, the military is aware that the target is not the tent itself.
Also.. (28 Dec, 2012)
After that bomb hits it, nobody can really tell what was in there in the first place. The main differences between a soldier and a terrorist are really only funding and organisation. There are people that will step over millions of innocents to win their war, but those exist on both sides. A war without innocent casualties on even one side is a lie by definition. Even the most stupid soldiers out there should be aware that there is always a chance that that tent contains innocent people.
Hey, got a question... (28 Dec, 2012)
...if some are innocent, what the hell are they doing sharing a tent with a terrorist? It's not the bus, not the street, it's a freaking tent. Oh, they didn't know? yeah... right, right...
@also (29 Dec, 2012)
If us soldiers and terrorists were the same you couldn't spread your stupidity all over the internet as you are right now. Thank me for your freedom.
winterhog (3 Jan, 2013)
Taliban mudjahedeen are not terrorist, no matter what propaganda tries to make others believe.They are the army of the political Afghan force that currently fights the foreign aggressor. It is easier to get support claiming that army is sent against some 'terrorists'. And this really puzzles me, because 'militant, fundamentalist Muslim fanatics' are hardly better and this description is much closer to truth.
NRA (28 Dec, 2012) Reply
Will that $350,000 bomb be available anytime soon?
Yosemite Sam (30 Dec, 2012)
I wanna RPG. Yeeeee Hawwww!
Anti Tentist (29 Dec, 2012) Reply
Yay! Death to all tents
Marin (29 Dec, 2012) Reply
One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter.
Saddam H (29 Dec, 2012) Reply
They tell me the pleasure is "intense"... "In tents"... geddit? Oh come on! Don't tell me that one bombed!
Ho Chi Minh (16 Jan, 2013) Reply
And roundeye never learn.
bob (20 Jan, 2013) Reply
if it saves one life from a suicide bomber
afghani (25 Jan, 2013) Reply
wish they could have spend money on poor countries like these earlier so they dont become terrorist.
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