Responsible parenting
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trollort (27 Dec, 2012) Reply
333 (27 Dec, 2012) Reply
Still less scary than the truth.
Realist (27 Dec, 2012) Reply
You're locked in a box, dumped in a hole in the ground and left to rot into soup. Alternatively, you're locked in a box, lifted out of the box, placed on a roasting tin and baked at gas mark dead for approximately 12 hours. Then, because certain bones, including the long ones, don't disintegrate your charred remains are put into a grinder; the noise is quite horrible and unfortunately the ashes that are returned to the relatives still sometimes contain lumps.
Welcome to the world, son.
procrastinist (27 Dec, 2012)
lala (28 Dec, 2012)
when they burn you they leave you in the box so there is more to give back... just a body leaves very little ash
Snarkist (28 Dec, 2012)
Reading is hard. This is why only 3% of the population votes.
Dr. Kevorkian (27 Dec, 2012) Reply
Let's find out son.
Fuss (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
Not sure what the kid is holding with his both hands in pic #2...
bop (11 Jan, 2013) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?