Talking Muslim doll
Available in all major toy shops.
Talking Muslim doll
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redneck (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
I bought one pulled the string and all it kept going was ALLEN SNACKBAR,ALLEN SNACKBAR
Yankee Doodle (25 Dec, 2012)
Have you tryed shooting at it?
Kenseiden (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
strange arrow pointing to her genitals and asking "try me" o0
Z.E.Alot (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
Rub her feet and she will recite the first and also the last chapter of the good book. Keep away from fire or else
ka boom (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
under the pretty flowered shirt is a bomb vest
Also... (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
Davis (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
Allah is greater.
@Davis (25 Dec, 2012)
Hah, Allah is one more thing even ColdPlay is greater than. Oh yeah, why face no cover?
Seeing It Clearly (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
Holmes: I know what it says, Watson.
Watson: How can you possibly know, Holmes?
Holmes: Allah-mentry, my dear Watson....
invalid (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
Funny thing is, Islam is strongly against such depiction of humans.
ahmed (26 Dec, 2012)
*of Allah
invalid (29 Dec, 2012)
@ahmed: You are wrong.
John (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
Seriously, how racist can you get? Other cultures have just as much right to buy crap as Americans. I'm looking out for the US version that pulls out a glock every time a kindergarten kid, first responder or a puppy walks by.
Just so you know (27 Dec, 2012)
John, a quick lesson. Racism is the act of treating someone differently due to their race, a genetic trait that no one gets to choose and has little to no baring on their behavior. Culturalism is the act of treating someone differently due to their culture, a series of of traditions, actions, and beliefs, all of which people choose. If a large group of people decide that it's just delightful to rape women that becomes part of their culture, but it does not mean I have to approve of it or them. And btw, this is a real world example. Do you respect the culture of Amazonian tribes to rape women out in the open?
I'm John & so is my wife (28 Dec, 2012)
Actually I'm replying to "Just so you know"... It's not in the "muslim culture" to do any of the things you, other replies here or this image says. Not even close. Some small minority of people believe they have a god-given right to carry out attrocities, but it's not "muslim". The hate I see coming out in this thread plays straight into the hands of those who do these things -they *want* to make it a global holy war simply because the 'crazy people' are in such a minority without the wider muslim community. Don't fuel the hate.
@I'm John & so is my wife (29 Dec, 2012)
You obviously have never spent any time in a Muslim country. Visit Afghanistan then revisit your post.
@@JOHN (29 Dec, 2012)
Well, if he visits Afghanistan right now he would be visiting America and its partners-in-freedom-bringing, wouldn't he?
OH MAN! (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
I wish I had a baby so that next time I go through airport security I can give them this just to see what they would do.
More Ham Ed? (26 Dec, 2012) Reply
How is she allowed out to play if she is not escorted by her brother?
Let's get stoned (26 Dec, 2012)
She's not. That's why you can buy additional set with stones.
Lets go Armageddon (26 Dec, 2012) Reply
(visit link)
ahmed (26 Dec, 2012) Reply
I wonder into which slit the replaceable sound cartridge goes.
bubba (26 Dec, 2012)
the one for the eyes of course
trollort (27 Dec, 2012) Reply
Ok I am interested in purchasing few of this, but I have a question does it have a bomb waist as a standard accessory or you need to buy it separately?
Team America (29 Dec, 2012) Reply
F#@$ YEAH!
Mouse (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
God **** whoever made this. So a muslim kid can't even have a doll without someone calling terrorism? **** everything, just how did we get here.
evil (31 Dec, 2012) Reply
Muslim = Bomb
Muslim girl = rubbing her
Muslim man = raping woman
afganistan = the standard muslim country
I realy dont know where u learn this chit ... if the killer of connecticut massacre was an arab man, everyone will blame Islam but when it's a cristian or jew ... nobody cares, it's just a psyko
just think about it !
culture (8 Jan, 2013) Reply
no one knows what it says because she's not allowed to talk.
U all are just stupid (11 Jan, 2013) Reply
What if they made a doll that was christian or jewish and could recite the first verse of the bible or torat and if you pressed its nose it will say bless you or אסותא! what a shame!
bbjean (25 Jan, 2013) Reply
so what???
so what if someone makes a doll who resembles with a typical muslim woman, what about barbie dolls and other talking dolls with short western deasses.
Gravdigr The Truthdealer (13 Jan, 2014) Reply
And if it offends you, you can throw acid in its face and say some stupid shit about 'honor'.
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