This year's biggest fragrance trend
Smell like black men.
This year's biggest fragrance trend
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Annie (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
Will I get a discount if I buy 70 bottles at once?
Angry Guy (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
Yeah, NOW you post this when the Christmas is OVER!!!
Cynical Sam (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
Smells like Courvoisier and Afro Sheen then?
KJ (27 Dec, 2012)
Is Afro Sheen Charlie's brother?
bilbo (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
Will you get profiled if you wear this???
neebo (25 Dec, 2012)
fuq yay
Wrong (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
Does it come off?
Clueless Clem (26 Dec, 2012) Reply
My GF must buy this stuff. She always smells like Black Men.
ccc (27 Dec, 2012)
bad news for ya
trollort (26 Dec, 2012) Reply
WTF 8.95 for a black men? Is slavery still legal?
Slave trader (26 Dec, 2012)
You must not complain, prices have actually dropped.
trollort (27 Dec, 2012)
Yea is that because dollar dropped in value or is it because of the mexicans?
Arnold (1 Jan, 2013) Reply
Pure Stank! Love it!
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