Carl on Duty: Blacks Cops 2
My favorite xBox game.
Carl on Duty: Blacks Cops 2
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yay (22 Dec, 2012) Reply
Found the black guy
Christian (22 Dec, 2012) Reply
wear on the back market
Lamer (23 Dec, 2012) Reply
"I shot a kid."
Old Guy (23 Dec, 2012) Reply
This is a good game. About half of the game requires you to drive up and then back off of building and steep stairs.
(J) (24 Dec, 2012)
The hardest part is putting down the Twinkie
merdas (24 Dec, 2012) Reply
This is older than sh*t...
jazmine love (24 Dec, 2012) Reply
hahah thats is so funny
anna (28 Dec, 2012) Reply
Its so fake you can see his hand on the other side. Photo shop fail
Chris (7 Jan, 2013)
@ anna That's the reflection of his Thumb stupid bitch
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