Tough choice
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deth (20 Dec, 2012) Reply
LogiC (20 Dec, 2012)
Maybe he meant "If your Literally is asking me..." and Literally is her best friend?
@Deth (20 Dec, 2012)
You beat me to it. Also, it's "Death".
nunya biznes (20 Dec, 2012)
What's up with arguing as to proper usage of our language? Perhaps a button was hit by accident! Actually it shouldn't bother you one iota! Just TRY TO BE OPEN MINDED as we are all not on your alleged intelligence level!
@nunya biznes (21 Dec, 2012)
Open minded? On the internet? ...are you new here?
Trollolol (20 Dec, 2012) Reply
I read the first sentence 5 times looking for the damn verb only to find a possessive pronoun instead. What the hell is wrong with people on the Internet? Has some new, infectious type of dyslexia evolved recently?!
Captian Obvious (20 Dec, 2012)
The reason is the collapse of the public education system in the states. It is getting worse. A lot of people learn how to (properly) read, write and math in high school.
About this mistake: "your" and "you're" sound in the same way, but mean different things, thus this mistake is more common with native (phonetic) speakers.
Trollolol (20 Dec, 2012)
On second thought - this comic looks instagrammed, so it's no wonder its creator doesn't know how to spell.
Dang (21 Dec, 2012)
Poles stole the possessive pronoun. It's now somewhere in Poland to be sold.
geez louise (20 Dec, 2012) Reply
look at dem skinny stick legs. i'd show her the door too.
J.J. McClure (20 Dec, 2012)
Easy access
Win (21 Dec, 2012) Reply
That Guy (22 Dec, 2012) Reply
Ahhhhh... I see what you did there...
Door-o (26 Dec, 2012) Reply
I think we should see other dysfunctional people.
thebigbadwolf (11 Jan, 2013) Reply
How would you know that in spoken English?
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