Low flying aircraft
This sign is telling the truth.
Low flying aircraft
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Marc (20 Dec, 2012) Reply
High flying crocodile
How low can you go (20 Dec, 2012) Reply
Airplane limbo.
teacher (20 Dec, 2012)
or chopper topper
Obama Supporter (20 Dec, 2012) Reply
What happened to the sign?
trollort (21 Dec, 2012)
It was Dumbo flying around that area
Alecia (21 Dec, 2012) Reply
Yes, but the cake is a lie
Rodriguez (21 Dec, 2012) Reply
Mi escalera rompiĆ³ el signo de cruzar la valla fronteriza.
Back slash (22 Dec, 2012) Reply
No punctuation marks needed on signs ?
PC Plodd (22 Dec, 2012) Reply
I have cautioned that aircraft often.
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