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First (17 Dec, 2012) Reply
Anyone dumb enough to mark only C has never had a True or False question. Mark all B.
Walter (18 Dec, 2012)
Mark it zero!
teacher (17 Dec, 2012) Reply
You should have written your answer below the test and with red ink, that might have improved your grade.
C+ (17 Dec, 2012) Reply
See above
Bill Clinton (17 Dec, 2012) Reply
His smart phone is sitting right there, doesn't the little twerp know how to cheat?
asdf (19 Dec, 2012)
He even put it face down to avoid the temptation...
:-O (17 Dec, 2012) Reply
Education here at home... I am sure he got an A+ for "effort".
Sweeeeeeeet (18 Dec, 2012) Reply
I did not understand why my photoshopped angry cat couldn't get published on this humble website. But now I C.
doppleganger (18 Dec, 2012) Reply
The two behind speak no evil...
Professor poopey (19 Dec, 2012) Reply
We all know the correct answer would be 1,456 dummy
Smart People (13 Dec, 2013) Reply
... and George W. Bush goes on to become president of 'merica.
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