Latvian jokes
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Latvietis (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
As an Latvian I doesn't felt even mad because those jokes definitely describes Belarusians :) So author - please improve your geography knoweledges next time or stop ******* in room's darkest corner cause some Latvian girl refuses You! Greetings from one of the greenest country in world! Cheers!
Test1 (14 Dec, 2012)
Probably an american made those jokes. Still using Apple Map.
Research & Cite (14 Dec, 2012)
Actually, potatoes are plentiful in Belarus. There are over 300 dishes using potatoes in Belarus!
This joke is saying that Latvians can't grow potatoes, and that potatoes are scarce.
Information got from:
My Belorussian parents.
Daniil (15 Dec, 2012)
Looks like a butthurt Latvian.
I know Latvians, I've been to Latvia, couldn't stop laughing.
The whole Baltic is pretty much a potatoland.
Latest (15 Dec, 2012)
Its the Latvians who supply the Russians with all of those spud missiles
Kartupelis (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Sense, you make none
Vēl viens Latvietis (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
pretty funny stuff
Estonier (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Loud out Laughings third world at antics Latvia! Is potato chips where, has now munchees.
pot (14 Dec, 2012)
Estooon-ian goes in wide world to find lucky potato. After a 12 years he ends up in Latvia - yupp there hi finds all the knowledge how to creat a luck-story!
North America (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
What is Latvia?
Europe (14 Dec, 2012)
Doesn't matter... you wouldn't understand. Now go back to sleep.
Hipster (14 Dec, 2012)
Doesn't matter you wouldn't understand, it's to underground to understand that (Hipster fly away)
stard (26 Dec, 2012)
Doesn't matter... you wouldn't understand. You are amiclapo
In Russia..... (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Holy crap, I am so depressed now....Thanks for that.
Oskars (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Eatliver pls
Me (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
I recognise these, looks like brainless lithuanians have wrote these. Damn lithuanians.
Lithuanian (14 Dec, 2012)
No, is you who write. Vilnius has electricity, hobo.
Politinekorekts (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
More latvian stuff, otherwise we're not visible enough to the world...
kārtējais latvietis (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Mūsu Te ir daudz! :D
:D yet another Kartupelis (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
BWAHAhahaha This made cold so much funnier :D:DD And potato. Thanks :D
Latvian (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
I could kill for a potato right now!
ssss (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
lol (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
learn english.
Piektais Latvietis (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Source is (visit link)
And you missed my favourite:
Why six is afraid seven? Because seven have many friend politburo.
another latvian (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
i never heard these jokes before and i can't believe they really about Latvians, lol
Latvietis (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
potatooo my preciousssss
another Latvian (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Me want more potatoe. Is cold outside, hungry very much, soon not be able to even scroll mouse to see more jokes.
potato (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
One word: POTATO
latvian (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
so true ..
Latvian (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Best one:
Three Latvian are brag about sons. “My son is soldier. He have rape as many women as want,” say first Latvian. “Zo?” second say, “My son is farmer. He have all potato he want!” Third Latvian wait long time, then say, “My son is die at birth. For him, struggle is over.” “Wow! You are win us,” say others. But all are feel sad.
Latvis (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Latvieši lasa eatliveru
So many latvians (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
This actually is just a sad irony on the WWII situation in Latvia. Now laugh, ha ha ha!
German (14 Dec, 2012)
I don't get it.
Heretic (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
As a Latvian i can say - dafuq did i just read? Some failed sex-tourist angry at Latvia?
Latvian (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
I liiiiike! :D
Eopr (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Not funny at all. Did not lol.
Friend of Latvia (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Love it! Very clever.
F Love (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
LOVE potatoes!! Love them.
P-W Hermin (14 Dec, 2012)
Why doncha marry them then?
Latviete (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
I am Latvian. And have neither heard those joked nor find them funny...
S.N. (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Dafuq did i read ?
Angry Latvian (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
tak ītlivers ir kaut kāda amerikāņu latvieša projekts, tāpēc te bieži uzpeld lietas no miljona un tagad šis ;)
Am Latvian. Look at jokes, not laugh, look at crisis, sad. Cry.
Homr (14 Dec, 2012)
I second that emotion.
Ēd aknas, nevis tupeņus.
True cat is true (14 Dec, 2012)
Could be true, there was even times eatliver was hosted in Latvia. But comments are so cheap small country pride, potatoheads!
aaa (16 Dec, 2012)
Daudz gan te ir letinju, blj*, un man likas ka ebreji valda par pasauli, a izradas... potato
winterhog (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Why the broken grammar? There are much more Latvians speaking good English than Anglophones speaking good Latvian.
Freddo (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
After four more years of obummer you can replace Latvian with American.
asasd (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
It is fun to laugh at a nation that has been torn apart, robbed and now struggles to upkeep their decreasing democracy. Good job. I bet they have well deserved! haha potato eaters!
Another Latvian (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Ohh God, please help the person who wrote this. The English is so awful that the jokes doesn't even seem funny, and I cant believe eatliver actually posted this O_o
jopcix (18 Dec, 2012)
Tak tur jau to joku sāls - sliktajā anglenē! :) Es noņirdzos, patika.
dudū (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
hollī krap we're in goood site, cant wait for delfi to publiš our acomplishment. touriism will grow
Troubleman (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Not understand the Latvian joke. I have potato and clouds and very dark and cold.
tim3000 (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
in Ireland we call potatoes, spuds .. true story
Halloween Bill (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
I dunno, apples put pretty good dents in cars.
KJ (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
A Latvian said, "Is cold. Is dark. No potato."
Dan Quayle put his hand on the Latvian's shoulder and said, "You forgot the 'e' at the end of 'potato'."
Latvian laugh at Dan Quayle. "I pity you."
Joe Biden (15 Dec, 2012)
Stand up Chuck.
mq (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
These are pretty common on imageboards, usually told by Russians.
Three Latvian are brag about sons. “My son is soldier. He have rape as many women as want,” say first Latvian. “Zo?” second say, “My son is farmer. He have all potato he want!” Third Latvian wait long time, then say, “My son is die at birth. For him, struggle is over.” “Wow! You are win us,” say others. But all are feel sad.
Shurik (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
That was hilarious and depressing all at once.
pot (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
burgers talking
Ivars (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
Latvieši lasa eatlvieru. :D
Latviete (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
The amount of grammar mistakes is too damn high in this one!!!
Curious Geroge (15 Dec, 2012)
Is it over 9000?
Danenbergs (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
Kurš muļķis šito taisīja? :D Es pat nevaru salasīt! Gramatika un vispār valoda iespārda! :D
Lācēns (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
Well, it seems someone here is really obsessed with potatoes and hasn't even finished elementary school. Da fuq did i just read?
lāčplēsis (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
kartupeļu vietā vajadzētu hektoru.
:D:D:D (17 Dec, 2012)
vo vo drīzāk tā :D
Chivichanga (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
Wait? What?
Vecis (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
It`s so retarded that it is funny. Probably some former ussr immigrant inbreed offspring tried using photoshop and internet.
Bekons (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
Oh my good!!! My eyes bleed my brains out!!! Why?! Why does someone meke so bad jokes?! In such a bad grammer?! Who has so much time to waste?! Why Latvia?
Latvietis (16 Dec, 2012) Reply
America eat potato, is help you win Volleyball!!! How else can you explain Winter country beat USA in BEACH VolleyBall! :D
Es tikai smejos (18 Dec, 2012)
Kungi, šeit ir satīras lietpratējs.
ahh (15 Nov, 2013)
Good one :D
LatvianGirl (16 Dec, 2012) Reply
This is just so not cool. These jokes aren't funny. I would say, that they are stupid. Meh! Please, do better things.
p.s. You are shitty poet. :)))))
q (16 Dec, 2012) Reply
Zivs (16 Dec, 2012) Reply
Too cold, tears freeze, salt ice cream I have now! These jokes too dark, lost potato, cried some more, ice cream for whole family! :D
Infamy (16 Dec, 2012) Reply
I'm Latvian and I find this hilarious. You guys take this way too seriously. It's funny how Latvians joke about Americans being dumb and fat all the time, but when the tables are turned they lose their shit.
čiksa (17 Dec, 2012)
+1 on that. Hilarious post, facepalm at the "bad grammar" comments. Some Latvians sure take themselves so seriously, should start making jokes about that.
Italiano (17 Dec, 2012)
Finally a latvian than can take jokes without getting all pissy! Kudos to you Mr (or Miss)!
Drostalina (16 Dec, 2012) Reply
Nice one, Belarus or any other stupid country that just envies LV for being awesome. Greetings, latvian lads, Ieva.
Drostalina (16 Dec, 2012) Reply
čau latvieši, vismaz zinam, ka igauņi tikai pēc pāris gadiem sapratīs, par ko šeit ir runa. un lietuvieši - ŽIRGA GOLVA. bučas
Angryyy (16 Dec, 2012) Reply
;-( (16 Dec, 2012) Reply
As a potato lover... I am going to latvian this one alone!
Neverknew (16 Dec, 2012) Reply
That so many Latvians hang out here.
Brūņņiņņšh (16 Dec, 2012) Reply
This is so stupid, that Latvians look, smart compared to thizz joke'z .
latvijan (17 Dec, 2012) Reply
Ok, Estonian horsehead who wrote this stuff is true comedy genius, and not because it lacks nice structure of comedy, but because of total english grammar nonsense. Screw you guys, i must go to eat my breakfast potato.
trust me (18 Dec, 2012)
these are not estonian jokes about latvians. no idea where you get that.
the litch (17 Dec, 2012) Reply
Latvia is a potatoland indeed! If i remember correctly from the history classes (yes yes - in Latvia they cover potato-related topics in the history classes), the potatoes were brought to Latvia from the fabulous US&A. So, amurica, we are your children!
ouch! (17 Dec, 2012) Reply
More! More latvian jokes, please! Would lovwe to know, who the author is and why potatoes? Kartupeļu galvām mazliet par sevi pasmieties būtu veselīgi :D
latvian dude (17 Dec, 2012) Reply
yeah, when i went to india, everybody was calling me potato tomato eeyo
rollton (17 Dec, 2012) Reply
ir jāmāk pasmieties par sevi.
EST (17 Dec, 2012) Reply
I think this is lame, i dont know any latvian who would think or talk like this. And why that thing about patatos?
Brūņņiņņšh (17 Dec, 2012)
Because, potatoes runs Latvian economy, and brings happiness in many's peoples basement.
Kurbads (17 Dec, 2012) Reply
If that was estonian, who made these, then I wonder, how many years did he spended?
Latvian 4 life, homie (18 Dec, 2012) Reply
Unrealistic. Too many potato. Last time I see potato Michael Jackson is still black.
Today only 2 potato in Latvia- one for government and one for rich millionaires
LOL (18 Dec, 2012) Reply
those jokes are not even funny and makes No sense at all/ it's more sad than funny
llort (18 Dec, 2012) Reply
Even Latvians don't find this funny. I guess the rest just go "WTF?"
sillabilla (18 Dec, 2012) Reply
The only thing that made me laugh was the lack of knowledge in English. :D
Jolanta (18 Dec, 2012) Reply
Haha, good one! :D but hey mate, you have to learn english, you made so many mistakes it`s hard to understand some of these jokes. but otherwise, just epic. :D i am latvian and i`m proud of that!
concernicus (18 Dec, 2012) Reply
(fry squint) not sure if latvian trying to speak english or american trying to speak in general...
Latvian Girl (18 Dec, 2012) Reply
Whoa. I was pretty confused about this too, but come on now, fellow Latvians, stop crying tears of sorrow after this. Anyway, I don't want to go to America /shrugs/ .-.
pikachu (19 Dec, 2012) Reply
cool story bro
erryone sutisfyd wiw dis. want more, gimme morr!
Latvian (19 Dec, 2012) Reply
Are You a 4th grader or something? Coz your english is so bad, jokes are like they re written by a boy w IQ ~70. The funniest thing is they re funny not coz they re true but it shows how mentally developed are an author. And that is what makes us laugh.
ALBINO MATA (20 Dec, 2012) Reply
Kristofers (20 Dec, 2012) Reply
Hm, kad lasiju likas, ka ir kludas teksta. Bet nebiju parlicinatss. Paradiju angu skolotajam, un ziradas tiesam kad pat apreizi angliski nemalk!!!
Saimnieks (10 May, 2013)
Labs komentars! :))
Ceru anglu valodas skolotajs uzslaveja, ka lasot sos jokus anglu valoda, radas saubas par pareizrakstibu, bet, protams, vajadzeja eksperta viedokli, lai parliecinatos.
LV sitizen (20 Dec, 2012) Reply
zis is bool craap, im is living in zis latvia for 42 yers, but i haz eijt no petoijto since CCCP 1991. wijar not zis bad situijshan. can ju gime ozer eu contri zas has more BMW x5's, x6's, range rover's, Q7, RX, hummer's etc per square km. I'm freijd u kant. ai also like sushi maki, cavijar, pâtjé, foije gras, chjteau marguxâ, kolumbean sekondhand coke
fckk (24 Dec, 2012) Reply
This is pretty much of a disgrace on how jokes about latvians or latvian jokes should look like and how they really are. I guess these have originated somewhere in the depths of the humble mind of our "comedian" Gatis Kandis.
God be merciful... Why...
Lost (16 Jan, 2013) Reply
I understood the words, but couldnt comprehend the sentences. ???
joe l'indien (10 Feb, 2013) Reply
I like the one about the secret police
Canadian (22 Mar, 2013) Reply
Do Latvians joke about anything besides potatoes?
Grammar nazi (11 Apr, 2013) Reply
Please improve your english knowledge... These jokes would make me augh if i could understand them
is sad (29 Apr, 2013) Reply
no potato.
Hetalia fan! (19 May, 2013) Reply
Poor Raivis. No potato for raivis. He do has alchol though. Raivis drink 40 cups alchol.
India (5 Jul, 2013) Reply
I is forgetting my english after reading this...
N stop making jokes of latvians...
I-know-history (8 Aug, 2013) Reply
Actually potatoes are originally reviled in USA.
lithuanian (22 Nov, 2013) Reply
well potatoes , potatoes everywhere.
and that guy who made this used google translate i guess :3
correct (26 Dec, 2013) Reply
Jokes is make fun of american ignorance.
Sadp (20 Jan, 2014) Reply
As a latvian, i say, - nice))
Zane (13 Mar, 2014) Reply
Jokes are quite good, but I don't think that people who don't quite know English should publish them. As Latvian I can find mistakes almost in every joke.
Dear foreigners! Please don't think that we all are speaking so bad English!
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