First world tragedy
Happened to me countless times. Source:
First world tragedy
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LogiC (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
In Australia we don't have 1c or 2c coins any more. The challenge was to get xx.02 so it rounded down. They changed the pumps to always skip to x.03 cents so it rounds up I swear :(
cigoL (16 Dec, 2012)
Where I'm from, we don't do 1 or 2 cents anymore either, so cash transactions are rounded off. I was recently talking to friends and found out we all pay by card if it's in our favor.
Yeah (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Story of my life
Shiny Things (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Apparently pumping that once cent over is so stressful, it will make you lose facial features.
333 (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Walk or use bicycle. It is cheaper.
Evil (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Maybe if his face wouldn't change so much between panels...
Britney (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
If that was the UK, the £20.01 would barely be enough to get you home from the filling station, you need to put at least £80.00 in these days to make it worth the trip.
Balki Bartakomous (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
If I could fill my tank for $20.01 I would be doing The Dance of Happiness, not frowning!
I can fill my gas tank (14 Dec, 2012)
for $20 but only if it's already 7/8 full.
LOOM (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Ger (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
20,01 for a full tank? Where is that? I want to move over there!
NerdLord (14 Dec, 2012)
Who said it's full?
spiderbifida (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
Depends on what you drive. I get about six weeks commuting out of a £40 tank.
First Worlder (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
We had to work bloody hard to have first world problems, with no help and no overseas aid. We earned the right.
Dr. Leaky (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
I breed my dinosaurs and make my own petrol. Granted, it takes longer, but the savings are significant.
even worse (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
if i do that, i'll add some further gasoline so it doesn't look like i missed 20.00. "wasn't trying anyway"
firstworld (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
first world win... around here cash payments get rounded off to the 5 cents. This dude just got a cent worth of free gas.
greed (17 Dec, 2012)
He could have gotten another one.
Pricy Gasoline (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
$20? Are you driving with a lawnmower?
None (20 Dec, 2012) Reply
Increases in crude oil prices are a tragedy that will bring Western economies to their knees.
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