How I look when I check out girls
In my mind vs. reality.
How I look when I check out girls
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lukus (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
If ostrich my neck out, I can see emu!
Steve Erwin (12 Dec, 2012)
Don't you me ewe?
Justin Bieber (17 Dec, 2012)
Did someone say emo?
Batman (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
I don't really see the difference.
Trollolol (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
Me too LOL
Mr Burns (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
Cynical Sam (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
Blue Steel!
Adrian (13 Dec, 2012) Reply
His nose is dripping...
LLOL (24 Apr, 2013)
groossss but true
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