Oh, it's you again!
Just sit down, let's get it over with.
Oh, it's you again!
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-=LaurryG=- (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
It's actually spelt 'arse'. Just saying..
Some Guy (12 Dec, 2012)
"Here arse that ass"? That makes no sense.
:)) (12 Dec, 2012)
:)))))))))))))....))) breathing... :)))))))))....)))
LogiC (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
And he just takes it in the face every time. Or perhaps he's a closet pervert.
Arsey (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
This one cracked me up.
dafuq (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
Wth kind of inner city school desk is that? I'm from Oakland and the desks werent that bad....
Oakland Public Schools (13 Dec, 2012)
Kids! ...they think a cafeteria tray in their lap is a desk! Not only that - they'll think they're good ones, too!
Is that... (14 Dec, 2012) Reply
...Nicholas Cage?
Nerdygirl (19 Dec, 2012) Reply
So you see what I see
S-w-EAT (24 Apr, 2013) Reply
nice art.
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