Scumbag Santa
Giving presents only to rich kids.
Scumbag Santa
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Santa C. (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
I don't leave shit for anti-baby-Jesusers.
God (12 Dec, 2012)
Me neither. No blessings. No food. No nuttin'.
Seeing It Clearly (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
That's Bullshit. Lots of people in Africa got presents last year. Some got famine, others got AIDS. There was war and famine. The place is a hive of new activities for the locals to try.
Stable boy (12 Dec, 2012)
Famine, Pestilence, War, Death... and Santa Claus. I always suspected there was a Fifth Horseman. "Oh what fun it is to ride and sing a SLAYING song tonight."
Satan Klaws (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
Is this the guy who kills millions over there?
bad joke (12 Dec, 2012)
I want a Klaus Barbie dole.
navigat (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
Why? The guy lives at the North Pole and works mostly in the northern hemisphere. He could even go from Australia to South America over the South Pole.
That's not true (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
There's a rich prince in Nigeria who I'm helping move some money out of the country and he's a big philanthropist.
Irish Sweepstakes (12 Dec, 2012)
Wow, is it your lucky day or what!
Merde alors (12 Dec, 2012) Reply
Whenever I fly over France I go for a dump
African2 (13 Dec, 2012) Reply
White Santa from the west delivers presents the whole year around.
St Nick (13 Dec, 2012) Reply
There's a place called Africa? I keep missing it because nobody leaves any lights on there so I can see it.
:-) (23 Dec, 2012) Reply
Dear kind friend. i present myself you as Mr. Johnson, or Nigeria. My last year Christmas en-devours entrusted me upon me a large sum of monies. I am of fear for my life as I work at Nigeria's bank. I wish to make purpose to you. I send monies to your bank account and I will contribute the sum of 60, to you for good service...
don (24 Dec, 2012) Reply
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