Why I hold it in until I get to the office toilet
I'm not going to do it for free!
Why I hold it in until I get to the office toilet
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buck ofama (10 Dec, 2012) Reply
That must be hard, Zero - you're always on vacation or the golf course.
KJ (10 Dec, 2012)
Let it go, dumdum.
buck (10 Dec, 2012)
Not a chance. Gonna abuse him like a government mule. Impeach. Put him on trial for war crimes. His second term should be a prison term. I'm just getting warmed up.
333 (10 Dec, 2012) Reply
Good advice, actually...
rizwan (11 Dec, 2012) Reply
ye ap ke picture ha
heeroo (11 Dec, 2012) Reply
good pic this
Me (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
Yeah. Me too. I allways do it while on work, where I get paid to do it...
yourmomson (22 Dec, 2012) Reply
If he really meant that... he should start paying to lose, get hung upside down by batman and get his work blown up
Ashly (23 Dec, 2012) Reply
I like it
ezielbanaag (27 Dec, 2012) Reply
naks nakakatakot
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