I'm pretty sure he wants to get in
Maybe someone should open the door.
I'm pretty sure he wants to get in
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Steve (10 Dec, 2012) Reply
Guido (10 Dec, 2012)
+1 Steve
Mike (10 Dec, 2012)
Grawsi (11 Dec, 2012)
+1 Mike
Bonzo (10 Dec, 2012) Reply
The 7 on the clock looks like an upside down 2.
COBRA (10 Dec, 2012)
Bonzo - Pretty sure the 2 is a fancy upside down 7.
NevaComent (10 Dec, 2012) Reply
He's holding a one-hitter and the bitch wants it.
goatheadcheese (10 Dec, 2012)
i lol'd
faroutman (10 Dec, 2012) Reply
Whoever did the lame decorating on the tree could use a large stick upside the head. My guess is the doofus on the right.
Psycho Dog (10 Dec, 2012) Reply
Must kill Christmas....
Trewor (11 Dec, 2012) Reply
nothintodoatwork (11 Dec, 2012) Reply
whats that in the master,hand?le ft,is he gonna take dogs tempture?lol,looks like it
Person (11 Dec, 2012) Reply
The dog's previous attempt was a bit higher.
EndOfWorldGuy (18 Dec, 2012) Reply
Zombie apocalypse day one....
Nerdygirl (19 Dec, 2012) Reply
Nah he's just having a good time with the glass
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