Christmas card from Hallmark
Just me, checkin' out your nice butt.
Christmas card from Hallmark
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DudeMan (5 Dec, 2012) Reply
I guess with such a cute character on the front it's a kids card.
Janet Napolitano (5 Dec, 2012) Reply
Maybe it's for TSA agents.
second world (5 Dec, 2012) Reply
Made in China. We can't even fold paper in this country anymore.
Mr. Park (6 Dec, 2012)
Which country ?
Ulla (5 Dec, 2012) Reply
Who gives a flying ****
Mom (5 Dec, 2012) Reply
Quit biting your fingernails!
KAP (5 Dec, 2012) Reply
what store did you find this in?? So buying it!
jack*** (5 Dec, 2012) Reply
aww so cute haha he do kinda got a big head
BBL (6 Dec, 2012) Reply
How can it be checking out your butt, when it's not looking behind you
Truthlover (6 Dec, 2012)
One could ask that question.
BBL (6 Dec, 2012)
Apologies , I stand corrected.
How can it be checking out your butt, when it's not looking behind you?
Todd (6 Dec, 2012) Reply
Well, this sucks. Bought it for my 12 year old niece. Her parents are now a bit pissed at me. Guess they hate polar bears. :/
Enter 581 here: (6 Dec, 2012) Reply
That must be a huge butt he's checking out to have to take that much time.
Mr.B (6 Dec, 2012) Reply
where i can buy this online??
Ping Pong (6 Dec, 2012)
You can buy in the China. Good.
Elf (6 Dec, 2012) Reply
is this at hallmark or walmart or something? I wanna buy this for a gag gift!
hur (6 Dec, 2012) Reply
This card was available last year, i remember seeing it...
justin (7 Dec, 2012) Reply
what store did you see this in? i want it soooo badly or even online i'd order it.
hahahaha (8 Dec, 2012) Reply
Nerdygirl (10 Dec, 2012) Reply
Is my butt nice...*turns around trying to look at butt
Mr. Mintz (29 Dec, 2012) Reply
Can you tell me where can I find this card pleeeeeease?
I'mDrunk (19 Dec, 2013) Reply
...I'm telling ya, everything's so damn crude these days.
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