Yeah! It's Monday again!!
I love Mondays!!!
Yeah! It's Monday again!!
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NerdLord (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
Those overly happy stock photo people are creepy.
LemonLord (3 Dec, 2012)
Time to make lemons!
I'll marry all five of those happy women.
Same time, different towns.
It's the old "Traveling Salesman" gig.
LemonLord (4 Dec, 2012)
OK, not the brunette raccoon, but the other four for sure.
*prefix here* Lord (4 Dec, 2012)
This isn't a stock photo, it's just a picture of Mormons.
Someone (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
Except the emergency doctors and restaurant employees who regularly have their day off on Monday.
Laura (3 Dec, 2012)
Also unemployed and homeless people (around 80% of eatliver's visitors).
20% (3 Dec, 2012)
I am employed, homehaving and somehow caress with Monday. Should I see a doctor?
mondey (3 Dec, 2012)
@ 20% - You can't. Doctors have their day off.
tyandria (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
you know how everyone is smiling on a book no reson its stiped
Wut? (3 Dec, 2012)
What? Are you trying to communicate here?
Bade Spellar (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
Said every parent of school-aged kids.
Never forget that... (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
...having to experience a monday is paramount if you ever wish to have a friday four days later.
Appols (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
yeah, it's good ol pinkey drinkey!
TBiddly (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
Bitch please, Monday is my day off...
Pair of noid (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
Their giant teeth scare me.
Married with children... (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
Actually, I say this every Monday! Yeah!!
Procrastinating Joe (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
26 November
Nikki Sixx ‏@NikkiSixx in Twitter
Mondays always feel exciting...Always love them...:)
5 out of 9 of these people (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
...should be makin sammiches.
Keggar (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
WRONG! Those who must work weekends but get Monday and Tuesday off say this all the time!
Kevin (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
Young people! Minorities! An old guy with yellow teeth!
Mannnn (4 Dec, 2012) Reply
At my university the mondays are free. So i'm happy about mondays.
overkill (5 Dec, 2012) Reply
Teeth. Teeth everywhere. All I see is teeth.
torkle (6 Dec, 2012) Reply
but monday is funday-monday ;)
Paranoid antiracist (8 Dec, 2012) Reply
Notice how this picture has a token black guy, a token latina and a token old dude? (Yeah, so "old" is not a race.)
FriendofYox (8 Dec, 2012) Reply
I love Mondays.
MerryHobb (10 Dec, 2012) Reply
It's Amerika, 47 million on food stamps, who cares if it's Monday.
cool one (18 Dec, 2012) Reply
the black guy stands out fine lol
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