Support gay marriage
Everyone should have the choice to be miserable.
Support gay marriage
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Annie (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
I like how this ribbon is on a blue car.
John (3 Dec, 2012)
How can you tell?
flivver (4 Dec, 2012)
Say, Isn't that a Ford Fucus?
Ian (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
I like how the gay marriage ribbon looks like a white AIDS ribbon.
Yo! (3 Dec, 2012)
Aids awareness ribbons are red. White is for many different things.
itchyelbow (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
i and my partner had a brilliant weekend being miserable. we went out for a meal, had a few drinks, climbed a mountain, visited family, um... yup. it was awful.
besides the undeniably horrific, god-forsakenness of our lives, i can't help wondering what's so different about my life than if i had been straight :/
Well then (3 Dec, 2012)
Did you feel that breeze?
Dissent of Man (3 Dec, 2012)
Great, I guess. Are you married to your partner? Does that enhance your life very much? Marriage always meant man-woman to me. Does making me refer to you as "married", even though I think you're not, make you happier? In political & social terms, it looks like I've lost the argument. I can deal with it. I won't be bothering you. Knock yourselves out (in a nice way).
Lenartalot (3 Dec, 2012)
Missed the point and scratch yourself. :)
Libertarian (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
Ignore gay marriage.
This is funny! (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
I think this is something George Carlin once said...
E. Latella (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
I thought gays were miserable enough *without* getting married.
john (5 Dec, 2012) Reply
A choice to be miserable when you decide to marry, gay or not !
airmon (21 Dec, 2012) Reply
If you don't like the idea of gay marriage, it's ok, you don't have to have one. Two men, two women, a man and a woman - it all sounds fab to me. Think in hundreds of years time people are going to look back at this era with some bemusement.
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