The truth about "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
Inbred nazis. All of them.
The truth about
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NerdLord (30 Nov, 2012) Reply
It... it all makes sense now! Wow...
sa (30 Nov, 2012)
actually it doesn't and is a pretty lame joke + seen similar 100x times
NerdLord (30 Nov, 2012)
@sa: how many hundreds? Seven hundreds?
Father (30 Nov, 2012) Reply
Because inter-breeding is the answer to everything.
Uncle Al says: (30 Nov, 2012)
Breeding is an excellent solution, but it gets pretty personal.
Wikipedia.. (30 Nov, 2012) Reply
..Here I come
Al Obama (30 Nov, 2012) Reply
Somebody needs to (a) look up what "inbreeding" means and (b) realize that not everywhere has the same ethnic distribution as their town. (And it *still* wont be funny.)
white guilt trippin (30 Nov, 2012) Reply
european race is 50 thousand years old
this might sound stupid.... (30 Nov, 2012) Reply
but it actually explains alot.
beast (30 Nov, 2012) Reply
i can see clearly now
Adolph (1 Dec, 2012) Reply
Mien Kampf
Hilter (1 Dec, 2012)
Nein! It's Mein, not Mien!
Adolph (2 Dec, 2012)
Okay, you can have it...
Gobbels (2 Dec, 2012)
Mein Gott! Has anybody read the latest gas bill?
:-) (1 Dec, 2012) Reply
We won? Yeah!
Derp (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
lol @ all the butthurt this apparently caused eatliver readers.
! (3 Dec, 2012)
lol at all the butthurt ANYTHING causes Eatliver readers. Whine whine whine whine whine
lots of bulls... (4 Dec, 2012) Reply
actor playing major of Whoville (not to mention lots of other characters in that movie) looks like jewish and he really has jewish origin:
(visit link)
(visit link)
aw man (13 Dec, 2012) Reply
now i feel kinda guilty for loving that movie
macy (19 Dec, 2012) Reply
i no rigth
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