Elephant stew recipe
For when you're expecting at least 3800 guests.
Elephant stew recipe
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Lonely Tom (28 Nov, 2012) Reply
I don't have friends to invite over. What should I eat?
SmartGuy (28 Nov, 2012)
A bullet sammich.
Henplucked (28 Nov, 2012)
Rather a lot of elephant stew, I would think.
solutn (28 Nov, 2012)
Small size elephant stew.
smartguyisright (29 Nov, 2012)
Smart guy wins. Bring back the sammich comments.
winning (28 Nov, 2012) Reply
I'm German and I never heard of German Skillet Dinner lol (tho google suggests it means Bauernfrühstück hmm...)
- (28 Nov, 2012) Reply
It probably is a translation of a text from the great German Artist "Loriot".
We have lived beyond our humoristic means in recent years.
Stew-e (28 Nov, 2012) Reply
My wife has a book with the same recipe. I want to try it, but I find it hard to get the elephant out of the zoo, unnoticed.
ew-stew! (28 Nov, 2012)
Put him in a fridge, this way he will not be noticed when taken out of the zoo.
Hausenfeffer (28 Nov, 2012) Reply
F.Flintstone (28 Nov, 2012) Reply
In the old days, we used mammoth. There was no need to add hair.
Creepy middle aged man in a vest. (1 Dec, 2012) Reply
Can I come over and watch you eat?
Waffle (18 Aug, 2013) Reply
I have that same cookbook!!!
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