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NerdLord (28 Nov, 2012) Reply
What? No bacon?!
Creepy middle aged man in a vest. (1 Dec, 2012)
Y' know, I got some bacon back at my place.
ahaha (28 Nov, 2012) Reply
I saw this one be4 and didn't get it. NOW I GET IT! Hot air!!! ahahhahahha ahah aha ah ha.
Enter 656 here: (28 Nov, 2012)
I saw a pic of one of these stickers when Bush was president but it was on a paper towel dispenser.
jus mebbe (28 Nov, 2012)
cud be blowhard
Hm (28 Nov, 2012)
Republican era sticker
lulz (28 Nov, 2012)
Still blaming Bush. U own it now.
democrat (28 Nov, 2012)
Must be from the Bush years.
Uberdouche (28 Nov, 2012)
This one works in any era. Troll harder.
J.Biden (28 Nov, 2012) Reply
It's an Ohio voting booth...
Festus (29 Nov, 2012) Reply
Total hot air
BoyUugggly (29 Nov, 2012) Reply
warm air in horse ear.
IAmRoyalty! (23 Dec, 2012) Reply
President Obama is THE BEST! If there was a better candidate, why isn't he in office!? No need to answer, that! Their own states didn't even believe in them. Enough said!
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