It's the thought that counts
Christmas moneybox tree decoration with...out your name on it.
It's the thought that counts
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Uistean Thorpe McOliver (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
Well... Maybe next year... :(
Yeah Right (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
Dear Son, I was going to send you $100 with this note, but I had already finished it and licked the envelope shut when I remembers. Love, Mother.
Clint Eastwood (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
Thanks guys, I'm touched.
Ralph Dibny (27 Nov, 2012)
All hail TheManWithNoName!
Najibullah Nasrallah (27 Nov, 2012) Reply
An unforgivable affront!
I pronounce fatwa and declare jihad!
Nerdy (27 Nov, 2012) Reply
Is it a good thing your one of a kind or bad no one cares about you...
Britain, America's Daddy (28 Nov, 2012) Reply
I have one of these from a gift shop somewhere, it's a positive thing as it means you have a unique/interesting name
Annie (28 Nov, 2012)
Here: (visit link)
Rumplestiltskin (16 Dec, 2012) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?