Twilight: honest poster
Thank God it's over!
Twilight: honest poster
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Its a Waste of Film (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
Well we certainly hope so.
Annie (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
Thank God it's over! I thought this day would never come!
Harry Potter (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
Dont know...mine finished first...although I didnt have a loveable alpaca.
Heldt (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
She is Canadian?
sadam (13 Jan, 2014)
I get you.
kyle (23 Jan, 2014)
That made me lolz fer realz.
Night Light (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
I don't get it.
Python (27 Nov, 2012) Reply
Q: No nose? How does she smell?
A: Terrible!
purpul (27 Nov, 2012) Reply
That alpaca is so much prettier than TL :)
Breaking down 2;-) (28 Nov, 2012) Reply
Breaking down 2
Mobutu (5 Dec, 2012) Reply
I enjoyed the movie. My balls are big enough to admit this.
NO (6 Dec, 2012) Reply
No this is the worlds best movie! u ***** ******* dont understand
Hostess (9 Dec, 2012) Reply
I'm sorry guys, the whole reason I went bankrupt was I died watching that.
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