Before and after professional makeup
Do you still vote for natural beauty? Made by Vadim Andreev.
Before and after professional makeup
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L (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
Is that how to look like a *****?
Ordinary Guy (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
My whole life is a lie o_0
AJ (18 Dec, 2012)
Yeah, your whole life is a lie and Olivia Wilde is a lie too, this girl without make up looks like an alien, so I must thank make up because without make up most celebrities we considered hot would look ugly, but don´t worry in this world exist natural beauties, even in Hollywood exist, but they will never be #1 maxim because they aren´t the kind of celebrities who are always taking off their clothes
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Guido (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
Still ugly, all of them.
Girl (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
They look like drag queens
another girl (23 Nov, 2012)
Guy (25 Nov, 2012)
Although they do look like drag queens after I think the reason is at least half because they looked like men before.
ally (16 Jan, 2013)
they all look like a teen now
neigh (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
What, no Sara Jessica Parker and a horse. I'm disappointed.
Man from the Future (23 Nov, 2012)
Here are few Sarah pics from her childhood: (visit link)
True beauty (24 Nov, 2012)
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DrJG (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
Just shows had badly thick making messes up your skin.
Puh lese (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
Apparently professional makeup comes with nose jobs and the ability to eliminate bumps, pits, and about 10 pits. Calling this one a hoax. If those girls really look like that, you'd be able to see the make up just CAKED on without the this guy's trick photography.
Pwease (23 Nov, 2012)
What was that...? Another woman on eatliver? Well I never!
PS> Agreed, zit bumps & undereye bags don't just disappear with good makeup.
faroutman (23 Nov, 2012)
Shopped! I can tell by the pimples.
AR (25 Jan, 2013)
Quality makeup, lighting and angles works wonders.
delany (17 Apr, 2013)
bad makeup looks bad if you cant do it properly. i agree w AR ,pro MUA + pro photographer = magic. also, makeup shading technique can make ur nose appear different
SomeGuy (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
I honestly think some of them (especially the third one) became uglier.
yo (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
before and after photoshop.
Ušakovs (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
I honestly would prefer taking home a ladyboy rather than these train-wrecks...
Three (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
As a cross-dressing friend of mine pointed out, sometimes the make-up only looks good if looked at from ONE angle. Great if it's a photo, sucks if it's real life.
Tammy Faye (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
You should see what BAD makeup can do!
expert on women (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
yep still voting for natural beauty.
spilvens (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
Until someone finally compares "before and after decent cleaning up and taking care of yourself without looking like a bad Katy Perry version of you"... Not impressed.
Sam (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
Now they all look like drag queens.
teacher (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
Just look at the huge amount of clogged pores that heavy make up can produce. Non-comedogenic doesn't mean the same a no oils. Zit maker can be no oil. Yuck... just look:P
... (24 Nov, 2012) Reply
If this is what's considered 'professional' in Russia I'm rather glad I don't live there. Professional make up is not just about using a tone of professional cosmetics, it should also be tasteful (unless the job calls especially for drag queen make up...)
? (24 Nov, 2012) Reply
Hmm a lot of those look like different people...but whatever...natural beauty wins...
yep (24 Nov, 2012) Reply
first pic is not the same person
over it (24 Nov, 2012) Reply
Eatliver, you used to be cool. now this? we're fighting.
KJ (24 Nov, 2012) Reply
I am not gay nor have I ever thought about converting until this very moment.
Captaincaveman (25 Nov, 2012) Reply
Just goes to show, you cant polish a turd
gonz (25 Nov, 2012) Reply
first and last one lookes like transvestites...
hans (25 Nov, 2012) Reply
And thanks to feminism I don´t have to marry either of them. They can all be "empowad" and work their ugly faces of till their 3rd set of cats dies off! Thank you Mr.Rockefeller for sponsoring the movement. HA!
FBLike (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
Fifteen pints of beer does this.
Reno D (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
Thank god for the left hand pics, cause I might have tried to hook-up with the right hand pics, and had to chew my arm off in the morning.
weaktech (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
its fake they are not the sdame people
look at the lips eyes and eyebrows as well as hairlines
did they undergo plastic suregery ? or just makeup 3rd last one is no way the same person
10x-Tek (27 Nov, 2012)
I predict you will marry a woman without ever seeing her real face until after (or maybe during) the honeymoon.
Not intrested not one bit (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
Sandy (27 Nov, 2012) Reply
Sandblasting does the same thing.
Choppedlow (1 Dec, 2012) Reply
Take home the one on the right, wake up to the one on the left. Imagine what Kim kardashians looks like after a night of booze and black guys wearing sweat pants and flip flops. Short with a huge ***.
joser (6 Dec, 2012) Reply
ahhh kill it with fire.
sweet d (18 Dec, 2012) Reply
looks like photography, neatimage (or clone stamp), lighting, and posing MAY have a factor as well HM
derp (18 Dec, 2012) Reply
Our skin hates us all.
Aimee (23 Dec, 2012) Reply
these women look like drag queens
Jellis (29 Dec, 2012) Reply
So when do we guys get to wear makeup? I mean, guys that want a female companion.
Redhead (2 Jan, 2013) Reply
Oh please, I love glitzy bishes!
bill (7 Jan, 2013) Reply
Now they all look like trannies.
471 (11 Jan, 2013) Reply
Before and after photoshop
ally (16 Jan, 2013) Reply
love them all
kakinder (23 Jan, 2013) Reply
evny!!why i cant do this makeup like them ....sooooo different...soooooo beautiful....who cheat who...almost liked watching nice in the world and im also...
K (11 Feb, 2013) Reply
Pink (11 Feb, 2013) Reply
Wtf!!!...cant stop laffin Mahn...
Kimmeh (11 Mar, 2013) Reply
Well, I like how I look and I think all this make up crap is just ridiculous.
Che (29 Apr, 2013)
danny (10 Apr, 2013) Reply
ryan (12 May, 2013) Reply
will stay single for the rest of my life
S (18 Oct, 2013) Reply
I don't understand how people can still be so cruel. I can say right now that just about everyone commenting on this is ugly. Maybe not on the outside (because I'm sure A LOT of you would make Aphrodite envious), but with personalities like that...
Here's the thing: Maybe some of you are beautiful right now, but as time goes by your skins elasticity goes. Your unhealthy life styles take their toll. You gain weight. You wrinkle. You get old and your "beauty" is no more. And then you'll finally look like your shriveled, nasty shell of a heart, and someone else will be throwing all of the insults you just spewed about these women (who happen to be someone's beautiful wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters) back in your face.
Have fun with reality you unjustly self-righteous, narcissistic, jokes of human beings.
TogForever (14 Mar, 2014) Reply
All PhotoShop and makeup aside, look at the background, lighting, poses, hair and color and style of clothing. Check every tiny difference in the actual photos and you'll see the way we are all manipulated every day of our lives!! Don't stop looking for it everywhere and you'll be on your way to free thought and true independent choices!!
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