The 3 stages of life
Did you yawn while looking at this picture? I bet you did.
The 3 stages of life
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Annie (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
At what age do I start to lose ability to see colors? Because I'm worried...
GetYour (23 Nov, 2012)
Wassup dog?
Walking Frame (25 Nov, 2012)
Don't worry Annie, I'm old and I can still see three: black, grey and white.
crank (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
mayor menino? wake up.
Mayor Mumbles (23 Nov, 2012)
...has marbles in his mouth
sex change (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
what age do i turn into a women and then back into an old man?
faroutman (23 Nov, 2012)
Once you hand in your man card there's no going back, you're done.
Tha be.. (23 Nov, 2012) Reply comfy lookin couch. zzz
fillbert (24 Nov, 2012) Reply
oh well thats me done for... im only 35 and im at the last stage...
See how well this works? (24 Nov, 2012) Reply
I haven't seen "sammich," and you haven't seen cats.
I do suspect, however, "sammich" was the last word out of Menino's mouth before he dozed off which will result in one cat pic tomorrow.
Stage 0 and 5 (27 Nov, 2012) Reply
You sleep.
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