Origami for absolute beginners
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Holger Danske (19 Nov, 2012) Reply
Also the Danish flag.
NerdLord (19 Nov, 2012)
Also french flag (in case paper is white).
@NerdLord (19 Nov, 2012)
You need to be more creative, this has been done multiple times
Jan Delay (19 Nov, 2012)
You don't get it, it actually isn't about the colour but the shape, so it could have been the (former) flag of Lybia as well.
Piker (19 Nov, 2012)
used maxipad
Lewis (19 Nov, 2012) Reply
I've actually never held a £50 note but I have seen one and they're massive
Arnia (19 Nov, 2012)
you need to be two to actually be able to hold one
Mormon (19 Nov, 2012) Reply
Needs more polygami.
Muslim (22 Nov, 2012)
If Allah wills it.
Wyoming (19 Nov, 2012) Reply
Always with the map of Colorado!!!!
Wait a minute (20 Nov, 2012) Reply
Not Colorado, it would be blue, that is clearly Wyoming. Clearly.
Ralphie (27 Nov, 2012) Reply
If you wad it up it would be boulder, colorado.
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