Funny desktop backgrounds for dual monitors
Download these backgrounds here and here. Made by turtledave.
Funny desktop backgrounds for dual monitors
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NerdLord (16 Nov, 2012) Reply
If it was made with a cat, it would be an instant internet success.
Dog (16 Nov, 2012)
Cat's are *******!
Ineed2POOP (16 Nov, 2012) Reply
Images suck. Having only 2 monitors is for noobs. This lamewad is in a cubile all day. FAIL.
spencer (17 Nov, 2012) Reply
Hold the camera still if you are going to advertise.
momo (17 Nov, 2012) Reply
What's up with that girraffes face? Which way is it looking?
OMG!!!! (17 Nov, 2012) Reply
They hung Ratatouille on the wall...
... (17 Nov, 2012) Reply
If you look real close..that turtle isn't real.
soon (18 Nov, 2012) Reply
qwe (19 Nov, 2012) Reply
Different wallpaper on each monitor in windows?
indeed (24 Nov, 2012)
(visit link)
BECKY (5 Sep, 2013) Reply
OMG I want it....
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