Troll conversation with the ad poster
Troll conversation with the ad poster
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took a bite (16 Nov, 2012) Reply
saw it coming a mile away, still lolololololol. am i 1st? First!
Go to (16 Nov, 2012) Reply
that website. I laughed like a retard
Lol (11 Jan, 2014)
God_Is_Love (16 Nov, 2012) Reply
Return of the Cruelty_Is_Humor trope.
I went to a Subway once (16 Nov, 2012) Reply
What they served me was no sammich lemme tell ya.
Joy killington (17 Nov, 2012) Reply
That was a long and windey road to a lame predictable pun. I spent my coffee break reading this?!?
weaktech (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
fake and gay
Worlds best chef (6 Dec, 2012) Reply
Why are you all such Jews?
waste o time (6 Nov, 2013) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?