The unicorn curse
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Charlie (16 Nov, 2012) Reply
I want my kidney back.
evw (17 Nov, 2012)
Aww, they took my horn! Oh come on, really? What did that accomplish? Oh hey, it's my kidney.
Death (16 Nov, 2012) Reply
"Oh man, not again! I'm gunna be a virgin forever... Or am I?"
CaptainAmerica (17 Nov, 2012)
I see what you did there
family guy wathcer (18 Nov, 2012)
u wathch familyguy
psy (17 Nov, 2012) Reply
shoulda done it gangnnam style!!!
Perain (17 Nov, 2012) Reply
nice...= =
Evil (19 Nov, 2012) Reply
Shooterracer (20 Nov, 2012) Reply
Unicorn's secret weapon for stabbing: horn
Most effective in: stabbing the brain
chelsea (20 Nov, 2012) Reply
bob (20 Nov, 2012) Reply
thats why the horns go straight up
PJS (7 Dec, 2012) Reply
That's not news. Who cares if Sarah Jessica Parker has a blain on the forehead?
Sofia (6 Jan, 2013) Reply
Sofia (6 Jan, 2013) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?