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win-win (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
Yeah, so make it illegal for them to work and let them starve OR... Let them build my son's transformer and we both win!
Amazed (14 Nov, 2012)
My head could explode because of your atonishing intelligence
Responsibility Guy (14 Nov, 2012)
@Amazed: It probably already has, due to your ass-tarnishing intelligence. Try proposing a solution. Whatever we buy, somewhere someone is going to enslave kids to make it.
@Everyone: Birth Control is the only "foreign aid" I would ever give. Those child slaves are offspring of people who can't afford offspring.
win-won (14 Nov, 2012)
We can't change anything. It's too uncomfortable to change things. Let it as it is. As long as it's comfortable for me the world is ok.
EUro (14 Nov, 2012)
Same arguments as the slaveholders in US history.
Jj (14 Nov, 2012)
A little smarter (14 Nov, 2012)
@responsibility idiot - Germany, Italy, UK, Belgium, Netherlands.. all countries that have higher population densities than China. I think birth control is needed as much here in Europe as elsewhere. And as for Americans, everyone knows the world would be better off with much fewer of them.
@EUro (15 Nov, 2012)
just do not buy these good. that way they will starve and you will probably feel better... we do no have child labor because we are rich enough. We produce enough to: feed the kids, and school them. The Chinese are not there yet. allowing these kids to work is probably the best you can do at the moment.
TEACHER (15 Nov, 2012)
Ah, wouldn't some social responsibility help.
winterhog (15 Nov, 2012)
@@EUro - Exactly. Only two (or maybe three) generations ago Europe was where China is now. Children labour was something completely normal (and I'm, speaking about coal mining, not toy assembling). Then countries grew and there was no need to employ kids anymore. It's social evolution. Contrary to what some may believe, the 'society' wasn't created by God's touch in six days. It had to evolve. In some places evolution takes more time or looks different, thats all.
urOH (15 Nov, 2012)
@EUro - The slave trade to the New World started hundreds of years before the United States became a sovereign nation. They were brought here by the Portugese. They were brought by the British, the French, the Spanish, the Dutch. Americans didn't bring slaves to the New World, the Europeans did.
TssssHZzzzzzp (16 Nov, 2012)
@Responsibility Guy: 2nd point isn't horribly stupid. 1st one makes me think you wear a bib and helmet most of the time.
puggles (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
what a beautiful christmas story. kid A gets a cool robot while kids B-G get to eat tonight. seems like a win/win.
Seeing It (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
win-win and puggles are as funny as a gunshot wound.
Trollolol (14 Nov, 2012)
It's not funny. It's not good. Still, there's nothing we can do about it here, in the West. Children's labour will go on either for export or for domestic market until Asian governments do something about it.
Note: Applying "American 100000 tons of diplomacy" is not a good solution either.
Guido (14 Nov, 2012)
Gunshot wounds can be funny (visit link)
@Seeing It (15 Nov, 2012)
You're absolutely correct! It is tragic that the toy originated from China; that means that the so-called shiny new toy is used, since other kids already played with it. Nothing worse than a used transformer.
Steve Jobs (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
Do not despair, grownups! You too can consume Chinese souls - every time you fire up your iThing!
<MittRomney>Slow Clap
TNT (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
light-haired masterrace
Subordinate Claus (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
No child labor laws at the North Pole. All those claims that bad kids get lumps of coal for Christmas, elves working for Santa, flying reindeers...all lies. Finally we managed to leak a photo of to Santa's Sweatshop to the public.
Steve Jobs - Again. (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
Oh and call the laywers. Somebody copied my Ichildslavery.
MerlinC (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
Why cant the babydaddy find pants that fit him? Uberdouches are old enough to have little bastards, what a dark age we live in.
Uberdouche (14 Nov, 2012)
You look at this cartoon and your problem is -- wait for it -- my pants?
Comeon (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
Mitt Romney would love this!
Cenomo (14 Nov, 2012)
Romney owns that company and pays just 1% taxes.
Uberdouche (14 Nov, 2012)
Your lame trolling reveals your envy and weakness.
"[person_you_are_defaming] would love this". Did you think of that yourself?
How droll (look it up; use the "internet").
UberHaHa (16 Nov, 2012)
@Uberdouche: LMAO. Could you be more transparent? "U mad, bro" has never been more fitting. ;-)
Jeffery Immelt (20 Nov, 2012)
I'm loving it! My company makes billions in profit and pays no taxes at all. Hey, a little campaign contribution to the Bamster and I'm sitting on the jobs counsel too.
333 (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
And you can't do anything about it. Enjoy the life.
666 (14 Nov, 2012)
And you don't want to do anything about it. Enjoy your fat, spoiled life.
Dear 666, (15 Nov, 2012)
We'll be waiting anxiously for the news of your successful invasions of China and all the whatevernesias where these things happen, in order to abolish child slavery. Oh, wait... you were just planning to show up at some embassy, with a sign, dressed up as a transformer? Ahh right, yeah, because that's always worked so well for Greenpeace and PETA and all of those useless, pathetic attempts at founding new religions. So now, please help the World by leaving the cybercafe and trying to find a job, thank you!.
China (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
A proud culture for thousands of years. What happened to you?
People (14 Nov, 2012)
Communism (14 Nov, 2012)
Oh hai!
look-alike (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
haha they all look like twins
Guy Smiley (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
Barry_O (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
I want the same thing for America! I have Hopeā„¢ .
Imma thinkin. (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
this is birthday. No tree, Only the kid got presents. Had this been Christmas, the Uberdouche (see above) would have gotten a present for the blond babe on the couch with him so he could "get some" later on.
Yeah, kids birthday.
That is my final answer
WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? (15 Nov, 2012) Reply
The kids on the 2nd pannel get to play with the toy all day, every day!
Voted O? You OWN this! (15 Nov, 2012) Reply
Thanks to the folks voting for Obama, the kid in box 1 is likely to have the future of kids in box 2.
benk (16 Nov, 2012) Reply
without work and money the chinese would die. little kid above is a hero.
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