Fox News explained
A peek inside editor's office.
Fox News explained
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Firebird (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
Meanwhile at bird's office they are celebrating indefinite detention and civilian surveillance programs
Sandman (12 Nov, 2012)
@Firebird - The indifinite detention and civilian surveillance programs are what Obama signed in with NDAA. And Romney even agreed he would have signed it too. Both candidates are the same on major issues, the only one that was trying to fight for YOU the citizen was Ron Paul and both networks attacked him because the REAL powers that be run both left and right wings and Ron serves neither, just the Constitution.
Kelvinn (14 Nov, 2012)
Ron Paul serves only his bank account.
He still have 2M$ from his previous race...
euRO (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
Micheal J. ___ , ___ Mc Cloud and Fire___ are all offended at the same time by this tv channel.
COBRA (12 Nov, 2012)
Hey euRO - who the fox is ____ McCloud?
euRO (14 Nov, 2012)
He's an interstellar starfighter from the Lylat System, you might want to look it up in an internet search enginge?
? (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
meanwhile at msnbc after obama says to the world many times personally that he is a nazi and wants to kill all americans personally(and raising the nazi flag at the white house)
"today obama again shows his love and patriotism for america"
im not for or against obama just against msnbc and fox because they are both biased...particulary msnbc because they see NO fault with obama...obama would never do anything like that and i fully believe that no matter what he does they will barely if ever criticize him...obama is a good man and in the next 4 years we will see whether he iss truly a good leader...but i lol'd at this
? (12 Nov, 2012)
MSNBC = Obama stomps litter of kittens to death: economy improving already.
In just a couple months... (12 Nov, 2012) Reply'll hear people saying: "I didn't vote for him!".
Right now (13 Nov, 2012)
I didn't vote for him... then again, I'm English so didn't give a tinkers anyway.
Ripped from yesterday's headlines (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
In 2008, Terry McAuliffe (ex DNC chairman), and Ed Rendell (Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania), both said that Fox News gave the fairest coverage of Hillary Clinton.
LogiC (13 Nov, 2012)
Lying is saying that scientists disagree over climate change. Scientists disagree to what extent people are affecting the climate, there is consensus that we are definitely causing it to change more rapidly than it should though.
Lying is saying Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, when UN weapons inspectors never found any before the last Iraq war, and none were found when the world did invade Iraq.
Lying is saying Hussein had anything to do with 9/11. He didn't. I don't think he had any connection with the Taliban at all.
Lying is saying Iran is a nuclear threat, when the countries around it already have nuclear weapons and Iran is a decade away from the possibility of making their own.
Lying is saying that this last presidential election was going to be close, when Obama had been leading in the polls, well since he first got elected. Romney only had a lead after the first presidential debate and he quickly lost it again, by a statistically significant margin in the states it mattered.
Lastly lying is saying FOX news is fair and balanced when they openly admit to being a counter to the "leftist media bias", thus making their default position biased and thus unbalanced.
So if a news service becomes too biased the correct course is to promote news neutrality through regulatory incentives and call out the biases and lies in *all* news services to keep things honest. Not make an even more biased and lie-filled news service.
The Big Lie (13 Nov, 2012)
Telling the same lie over and over again until people accept it as the truth. LogiC is a seasoned practitioner of The Big Lie.
FoxFan (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
So tired of people bashing Fox. Fox news was established in reaction to the flagrant left-wing bias all other news organizations have displayed for years. And people that complain of Fox News' bias are like the idiots who say the NAACP is as racist an organization as the KKK. One is a necessary reaction to the other. One came about to keep the other in check.
Reality (12 Nov, 2012)
You have no idea who or what I am do you.
You do not compare the bias of one network to the bias of another. You look at both Fox And MSNBC separately. FOX is most definately biased, and they do not know who I am either. MSNBC is also biased..I would argue not so much as FOX but I guess that's just my opinion. Just b/c FOX is a 'response' to the bias they see in the media does not cancel out the Reality that they constantly lie to make one side of the political spectrum look better than the other.
FoxFan (13 Nov, 2012)
This is exactly what I'm talking about. Ok, please, pray tell, what lies has Fox News told? Be specific. Let ME be specific: lying is presenting 6 documents critical of a presidential candidate's (conservative of course) military service, less than two months before an election, four of which were later proven to be blatant forgeries written on Microsoft Word but reported to have been typed on a typewriter in the 1970's by said candidate's immediate officer. These LIES cost the renowned bleeding-heart liberal Dan Rather his career and shamed a network. Fox News has never done anything so egregious.
Wakeup (13 Nov, 2012)
(visit link)
FoxFan (13 Nov, 2012)
Really? Is that the best you can do? And do you really want to go...THERE? I mean you're sitting in a glass house there buddy. Unbelievable.
Anon (13 Nov, 2012) Reply
BOO HOO...Democrats can't stand the fact that now CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNBC, NYT, WashPost, Chic Trib, LATimes HAVE *ONE* COMPETITOR!
dsa (13 Nov, 2012) Reply
This is hilarious!
Guy (13 Nov, 2012) Reply
I think that PBS does a good and mostly accurate job depicting an unbiased view of the worldwide and national events. That's just my opinion though.
Leftist? (13 Nov, 2012) Reply
Come on. Your entire spectrum only ranges from the near right to the extreme right. No leftism in the USA, anywhere.
Bestplan (13 Nov, 2012) Reply
Trust nothing you see on tv
Rodger Ayles (13 Nov, 2012) Reply
Nanny nanny boo boo I have higher rates than you you, then anyone, ha.
Buck O'Fama (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
Even a fox knows. 'Sides, that's just the title & conclusion of a thoughtful & fact-filled essay.
Blah (8 Jan, 2014) Reply
This is horrible
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