I noticed a cute girl smiling at me...
Made by BenjaminForsell.
I noticed a cute girl smiling at me...
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Bob (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
Does anyone even need an excuse to arrest this weirdo/perv? They should have taken the punk also, tho.
U from' Murica? (12 Nov, 2012)
Seriously look what u wrote
Trollolol (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
In which damn country can you get arrested for pinching YOUR OWN nipple THROUGH A SHIRT??!
Politically Incorrect (12 Nov, 2012)
Prolly in 'Muricah
Knowledge (12 Nov, 2012)
Norway, Italy and some parts of Poland (especially pervy ones. They just don't let the situation escalate)
NerdLord (12 Nov, 2012)
Maybe those were mall security guys, not cops.
Watchman (12 Nov, 2012)
Mostly catholic ones, I would guess. :-)
Trollolol (12 Nov, 2012)
> parts of Poland
I live in Poland... and nope.
I guess it's uhm..erica - only there people are so perverted that they consider a person washing a baby to be a pedophile.
TSA (12 Nov, 2012)
Coming to a mall near you. We're not just at airports anymore - look for us at political events, concerts, road blocks, and more! Courtesy of the 0bama regime.
AST (12 Nov, 2012)
Wasn't Great Warlord Bush in charge 2001, when the TSA was created for his homefront?
That Herlihy Boy (13 Nov, 2012)
>Prolly in 'Muricah
I'd murder you for writing "prolly" but "Muricah" is so 2005 that you're obviously retarded.
Daniil (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
It's okay. She's a dyke anyway.
MadFerret (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
Cook (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
See Shaggy that's what you get when you leave Scooby at home...Zoinks
333 (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
That's why you take out hearphones instead...
Phineas (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
You don't move your fingers that way to turn down the volume of an ipod.
marine_in_okinawa (12 Nov, 2012)
You do if the headphones have inline volume control
@marine_in_okinawa (12 Nov, 2012)
Doors (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
I do believe the mall cops are dumb enough to try and exit through a sealed window. Everything else is kinda bs.
Lizard (13 Nov, 2012) Reply
Its like 'War of the titans' where different sexuality collide.
tjo (13 Nov, 2012) Reply
'twas because of the pervert wad of hair on his face, for sure.
Bob (13 Nov, 2012) Reply
Dang. She was hot, too.
KJ (13 Nov, 2012) Reply
I keep my iPod in my pants.
Heywood Jablome (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
I thot chicks liked that!
Three (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
Switch the genders and you'd probably get a different ending.
Tweety (15 Nov, 2012) Reply
I think it's funny! :)
Pfffewwww (26 Nov, 2012) Reply
Nerdygirl (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
I think you were - . -
Asiago (26 Dec, 2013) Reply
*"I was wearing a NICE shirt"*?
He should've known that breast pocket on a shirt is a fashion no-no.
trollbocop (12 Jan, 2014) Reply
should have just taken out one of the ear buds....
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