My greatest fear
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Sockplayer (9 Nov, 2012) Reply
Just wear them long enough, and see what happens colorwise.
(J) (9 Nov, 2012) Reply
if I had tree wishes my third would be a new Genie
)J( (15 Nov, 2012)
if you, indeed had tree wishes you would not be able to have a new genie you could have a new bird, though!
if you had three wishes now that would be a different story
Bill (9 Nov, 2012) Reply
This is why, if I slip and say 'I wish,' I always finish with '...and a million dollars.'
Guido (9 Nov, 2012)
Well if you've made it that far, why not go billion?!
hello (9 Nov, 2012) Reply
I actually don't ever say "wish" just in case...
faroutman (9 Nov, 2012) Reply
This is why I always wear black socks. Yup, even in sandals. It's how I roll.
LandLord (9 Nov, 2012)
I see that you are a fearless man.
Jimmy (9 Nov, 2012) Reply
Id wist for unlimited wishes
Jammy (10 Nov, 2012)
What does your Id wist?
Oh man, I'd wish my Id wisted the same way as yours.
asas (9 Nov, 2012) Reply
1. you never expected any changes, so even in this scenario you did not lose anything
2. miracles don't exist. Especially wish based
op is a ***
forklift (9 Nov, 2012)
1. Thanks Captain Buzzkill.
2. It's an illustration, a certain suspension of disbelief is necessary to enjoy it.
asas leads a bleak and colorless existence.
BaconLettuceTomato (9 Nov, 2012) Reply
Same here. The Jinn hate us.
morgan (11 Nov, 2012) Reply
Wow lol
Danielle is turning Japanese. (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
i dont get it...
Colonel Cliché (14 Nov, 2012) Reply
Be careful what you wish for
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