10 popular logos redesigned for the zombie apocalypse
Made by Ben Fellowes.
10 popular logos redesigned for the zombie apocalypse
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(J) (7 Nov, 2012) Reply
if kim kardashian gives u a dollar
is that considered a star buck
hell no (7 Nov, 2012)
No because Kim K is no star....she is a no talent fame monger with a very large ass! If Robert Deniro gives you a dollar now THAT is a Star buck!
Oh you didn't hear... (7 Nov, 2012) Reply
Yesterday we cancelled the zombie apocalypse. Sorry. But you'll have another shot in four years.
Guido (7 Nov, 2012)
srsly? (7 Nov, 2012)
Obamacare revealed.
Newly Dead (7 Nov, 2012) Reply
These are the copyrighted logos for the Obamacare Health Panels.
KJ (8 Nov, 2012) Reply
Does anyone think that Goodwill has goodwill? Their execs are well into the six figures while the majority of their employees are at minimum wage or less.
(J) (8 Nov, 2012)
or they will send a Robot from the future to kill you
*you have been warned*
Doo (8 Nov, 2012) Reply
Missing "Zombway, eat flesh"
Ford Prefect (8 Nov, 2012) Reply
Thanks. I wasn't disgusted enough.
nanderson (8 Nov, 2012) Reply
Wacky Packages!
Oh Yea Baby! (11 Nov, 2012) Reply
The Zombicractic Party!
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