How to train your cat
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Local Furry (7 Nov, 2012) Reply
Usually around panel 7 we would be moving the cat off the counter and spraying it with water.
(J) (7 Nov, 2012) Reply
Step two get a dog tot replace cat
Well then (7 Nov, 2012)
Then you realize that dogs have no common sense.
J()J (8 Nov, 2012)
Sure, if you're going for stupid, better go all the way
Pfft! (7 Nov, 2012) Reply
A boot up the feline's backside might just do the trick.
faroutman (7 Nov, 2012) Reply
Hmm, a rooster and a cat. Do I detect a subtle underlying meaning here? ;)
Cat lover (7 Nov, 2012) Reply
When you say "get off" - put your toe up it's butt and kick. Works every time.
Reality Boy (8 Nov, 2012)
Precisely! Cat Lover speaks their language.
Charlotte (6 Aug, 2013)
Cats are cats! Get over it!
Last (7 Nov, 2012) Reply
Oh wow it's been ages since I've read Savage Chickens. I didn't even know it was still going!
Captain Obvious (7 Nov, 2012) Reply
Tip: cats hate water. Try squirting it.
Major Headache (8 Nov, 2012)
Get back to work.
Just Sayin' (8 Nov, 2012) Reply
Well, duh! Who the hell wants to listen to a damn chicken?
right! (10 Nov, 2012)
Hahaha, I Know Right!
Train Your Cat (16 Nov, 2012) Reply
hahaha... i can't imagin chicken giving order to a cat...
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