Finally caught it
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what (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
I really don't understand this at all- perhaps I am getting stupider?
LandLord (2 Nov, 2012)
Yeah, probably.
.... (2 Nov, 2012)
the cat is always chasing the laser pointer and this time he caught it....and put it on the table
stupider? (3 Nov, 2012)
your german i can tell. only a german would create such a bizarre word. grüße!
anonycat (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
tyvm ... :)
herp (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
Anonymous (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
I thought it was some matrix reference with the red pill and he just realised he was in a dream o_0
(J) (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
what was he on when he drew this
Thats why the only cat i like is Hale Berry.
OMG (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
Moving JPEGs? Again?!
basement dweller (2 Nov, 2012)
Actually, it is an animated gif with a wrong file name.
$ file 9719.jpg
9719.jpg: GIF image data, version 89a, 398 x 1890
333 (3 Nov, 2012) Reply
It was a good joke... until the last panel ruined it.
snottty (3 Nov, 2012) Reply
The cat swatted a blood engorged mosquito!
I never laughed so hard
Charles Shultz (3 Nov, 2012)
jerry (4 Nov, 2012) Reply
tom, wake up!
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