Horse head mask review
1 out of 5 stars. Very disappointed.
Horse head mask review
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sepo (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
it´s a sarah jessica parker mask!
to obvious (2 Nov, 2012)
these kind of hints are denoted more subtile like "i don't see why they don't put the actual name of the mask in the description. do they have copyright issues with the actress?"
timmy (3 Nov, 2012)
It's a totally predictable joke!
sope (3 Nov, 2012)
You guys are so funny.
The novelty chicken (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
Meanwhile in Japan..
Mr. Teets (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
theres a comedian in every crook and granny
Mr. Horse (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
reminded me of this game (visit link)
The Godfather (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
Five thumbs!
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