Schnitzel with noodles
With pure, natural extracts.
Schnitzel with noodles
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Bacon Pretzel (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
Where's the bacon-flavored floss?
Maria (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels?
Capt. Von Trapp (2 Nov, 2012)
Just stop, Marie, OK? I cannot TELL you how sick I am of all that singing. Can't drop a fork around here without everyone bursting into a 7-minute set piece about the joys of picking up forks.
Tapt. Von Crapp (3 Nov, 2012)
"Shut the **** up Von Crapp,
Oh please shut the **** up!
We just want to sing, we're doing our thing,
And we don't need your voice in the wings
Just some sort of rhyme to end this in time
just before the fat lady sings!"
Redsparks (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
These are a few of my favorite things !
(J) (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
Yankee Noodle went to town,
clicking on a iphoney;
He stuck a candle in his hat,
And called it safari
I've tried this stuff (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
it leaves a waxy taste in the mouth
I checked . . . (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
No Bacon . . .
But they do have Apple Strudddel for Dessert! (visit link)
Foxtrott (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
Only Yankees would have Schnitzel with Noodles...
Noodles (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
Now I'm hungry.
merican (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
now that's what i call old fashion
lol (4 Nov, 2012) Reply
I saw one that was the smell of pancakes
Bob (24 Apr, 2013) Reply
I'd buy that for a dollar!
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