Lucas being Lucas
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George Lucas (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
^^ Sellout.
LandLord (31 Oct, 2012)
I would sell out too for 4 billion.
Cashola (31 Oct, 2012)
Sellout? Really? You must be under 21. $4Billion is called winning the game.
333 (31 Oct, 2012)
@Cashola: Even when you get 4 billions, that's not winning - because it is possible to waste or lose even this amount of money.
Clear to Me (1 Nov, 2012)
George is getting $4 billion from Disney. On top of that after 30 plus years of gutting the Star Wars franchise, and having invented merchandising single handedly, I am assuming he is not even close to broke even before this deal? How many billion would you say that is, all up, and given his age, how much would you have to spend each day to go broke?
Cashola (1 Nov, 2012)
Lucas just donated 4 billion to charity. Sell out is not Lucas, hmmmmmm.
Liquidd (2 Nov, 2012)
Donating the money sure gives it the ability to live beyond him.
socialimpotence (3 Nov, 2012)
Saying you plan to give away "most" of the money is not the same as actually donating all four billion to charity. He isn't doing it all at once, and it's currently only a public verbal commitment.
Truthlover (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
Disney Studios (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
So- Now that we own Pixar, Marvel, the Muppets and Star Wars, just wait until you see the next movie we come up with!
t(-_-t) (31 Oct, 2012)
Don't forget they also have Indiana Jones now.
Liquidd (1 Nov, 2012)
Do Not forget that they also own ABC.
and ESPN (1 Nov, 2012)
I think that the Mouse is really the Emporer . . . . and he is building his evil empire.
Thank you... (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
...thank you, very much, Disney. Somebody had to stop him from coming up with new crap, at all costs. Thank you for covering those costs.
Jar Jar (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
Missa gonna be missing missa lucas!
harry henderson (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
i've not like lucasfilm for a while
ehem (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
If they destroy star wars I swear I will kill every mother****** on this planet.
*cough cough* (31 Oct, 2012)
...If you think Lucas didn't already destroy Star Wars, then I doubt you got the intelligence, wits, courage, craftmanship and/or resourcefulness to kill every mother asterisk on this planet. Heck most likely not even on your town, or house.
Fan (1 Nov, 2012)
This republican, conservative, religious touched bunch of Disney guys will destroy Star Wars in the most complete way imaginable.
Mullet (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
Any source on the quotes?
Fact Check (31 Oct, 2012)
EatLiver, source of all knowledge.
Knowing (1 Nov, 2012)
Well Fact Check, I'm not sure about the rest of Eat Liver, but my comments are certainly out there leading the way i in quality.
raaw (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
perhaps we'll finally find out if Pluto is considered a planet or not
Blondie (1 Nov, 2012) Reply
Well, now there's two type of men in this world, those who make Starwars movies, and those who walk away with billions of dollars... YOU make the movie.
sack (1 Nov, 2012) Reply
wahts in da sack worth 4 billion?
Smile George (1 Nov, 2012) Reply
I think I would be smiling a lot more in the last frame if someone gave me $4.05 Billion Dollars.
Sad George (2 Nov, 2012)
Why even bother to make the announcement
historian (1 Nov, 2012) Reply
Imagine how many countries you can buy for that money...
Darth Vader (2 Nov, 2012) Reply
dilligaf (4 Nov, 2012) Reply
Lucas donated his 4 billion to Charity. He is not a sellout you idiots
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