The clown
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WTFJesus (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
I don't get it? Are you supposed to go crazy by seeing a stabbed clown doll?
LandLord (31 Oct, 2012)
Kids are easily impressed.
Darwin (31 Oct, 2012)
No, they are not these days.
Confoosed (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
How does he draw while in a straight jacket?
Francy (31 Oct, 2012)
THAT's the question. Also, I love you.
pingu (31 Oct, 2012)
his foot
So... (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
...those kids yelled and fled? What did they do afterwards? Rushed to their places to play videogames where they could slice people in half or shot others in the head? Yeah, I bet that clown really scared them.
uhhh... what? (6 Nov, 2012) Reply
WTF??? i don't get the last panel...
AeonBrisk (9 Nov, 2012) Reply
The kid with a green hat is a man in a straight jacket.
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