See you in hell!
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darkYuris (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
fake. they are always 2 not 3.
LandLord (31 Oct, 2012)
I thought that talking birds with guns kinda gave away the fact that this story might not be entirely true.
Gogu (31 Oct, 2012)
Yes, they were 2. But I think we were not the first home they are visiting...
yankor (31 Oct, 2012)
After the first one died, the third was summoned instantly. that's how it works.
winterhog (31 Oct, 2012)
That's what they want you to think.
thresher (1 Nov, 2012)
they also don't use the cross. possibly still fake
Ted Bullpit (2 Nov, 2012)
What!!!? Birds with guns? Someone should blow them up.
Jonathan (18 Nov, 2012)
They be angry birds :D
HA HA (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
Atheist Freedom Fighter (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
That's what religion is all about. Mindless zombies.
Atheist Peacenik (31 Oct, 2012)
Says the guy that's mindlessly arguing in support of his lack of belief...
Ed (31 Oct, 2012)
Were you home-schooled? Because normal people learned how to end a sentence in first grade.
Atheist Freedom Fighter (1 Nov, 2012)
There is no lack of belief. Only the infection with it.
Agnost (2 Nov, 2012)
@Atheist Peacenik : he does believe.
He believes is that there is/are no god(s)
As an agnost I think I believe we cannot know either.
Belief is everything, there is no proof.
Twelve (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
I am a zombie and I find this offensive.
relative (1 Nov, 2012) Reply
see you in hell! lol!!
Wwe ryback (11 Nov, 2012) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?