Levels of drunkness
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ThA-B (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
Kaputt means jumping while drinking?
BeCK (29 Oct, 2012)
kaputt (german) means broken
euRO (29 Oct, 2012)
No it's German for being pretty wasted. (Also, this person would be a case for a chiropracter if he was jumping.)
EUro (29 Oct, 2012)
No, in German it means broken or tired.
Germane (29 Oct, 2012)
The word you are looking for is: stockbesoffen.
Hitler kaputt (30 Oct, 2012)
It means dead. Like Hitler.
nein! (30 Oct, 2012)
hitler ist not kaputt. hitler ist stackenblochen!
Erwin Rommel (1 Nov, 2012)
Mein fuhrer iz not dead or kaputt. He iz on zee moon, preparing to blitz Poland! Heil!
Old Guy (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
Those are small steps close together. About the way I walk, drunk oe sober.
Иван Грозный (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
B-but Germans don't know what means being really drunk.
Suffkopp (30 Oct, 2012)
Мы можем пить лучше, чем вы
>Suffkopp (31 Oct, 2012)
and see where this accomplishment has brought your country. something to be proud of, eh?
Uncle Al says: (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
Death - the Final Frontier
Test1 (30 Oct, 2012) Reply
"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."
Whatev (3 Dec, 2012) Reply
This guy must be a total alcoholic to think tipsy is side stepping and drunk involves shoe-lessness. That or I'm an alcoholic and think being wasted and standing straight aren't mutually incompatible.
Daniel (3 Jun, 2013) Reply
When people stop thinking getting drunk is cool....
That will be a good day.
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