I'm outta here
I don't need this BS.
I'm outta here
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space jesus (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
he went to the root of the problem and uprooted. i root for him.rootie -rootie-tootie--lalala (why are those guys in white coats here again??)
Oddish (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
Meanwhile, on a farm near Chernobyl...
Bammo (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
Is he being air lifted?
marine_in_okinawa (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
This is going on my office door LMAO
Rootin' for ya! (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
Get me out of here, I'm a celeriac.
Yow! (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
An actor from a High School Band Movie!
(He plays the tuber.)
CCCP (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
Turnip soup for dinner again.
Photoshopper (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
It would appear that yon veggie is being hung by the leaf until dead.
God have mercy on his soul.
Policeman (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
What we have here, is a stalker.
Typical (30 Oct, 2012) Reply
Obama supporter
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?