I'd like to thank Google
...and Wikipedia, and copy / paste.
I'd like to thank Google
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Copy (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
You're welcome!
Pqste (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
Any time!
LandLord (29 Oct, 2012)
You had one task, just one task... But you failed to spell a 5-letter-word correctly :/ Son, I am dissapoiqt.
WooHoo (29 Oct, 2012)
Frist psot. WooHoo!!
Pqste (30 Oct, 2012)
I knoz, I knoz. Bloody azerty ..
Ed (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
Said the guy who pasted a copy of this art on a wall using a stencil.
KJ (3 Nov, 2012) Reply
Where's Banksy when you need him?
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