Hipster is not a real job
Employment agency ad win.
Hipster is not a real job
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self employed (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
It is, if you make it one.
LandLord (26 Oct, 2012)
When life gives you sea shells, make a sea shell necklace and start selling it to hipsters. Say it was made by poor Somali children who don't want to end up in a life of piracy. Hipsters dig causes.
Gravedigger (26 Oct, 2012)
And I cause digs.
Grim Reaper (26 Oct, 2012)
Actually, I cause digs, you are just my pawn for digging them.
yeah right (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
I heard of careertrekbc.ca before they did public advertisements.
TightPant McTightPants (26 Oct, 2012)
I'm replying ironically.
faroutman (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Stop the Skytrain, I want off!
me again (26 Oct, 2012)
I just realized that's not Skytrain, it's a bus. Sorry bout that.
I still want off though.
mimi (27 Oct, 2012) Reply
Gravedigger (27 Oct, 2012) Reply
Touché, Mr. beancounter.
crank (27 Oct, 2012) Reply
in canada, hipster is a job when everyone else pays for your health care.
Red (28 Oct, 2012) Reply
All hipster's should be dead.
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